what's a tomcat

What is a Tomcat ?

Tomcat is a term that is commonly used to describe male cats. More specifically it is used for active adult male cats that have not been neutered. And because of this, they are most likely to roam searching for a female cat which is in heat and will not hesitate to intrude on to another male’s territory to find a female to mate with. Tomcats will not hesitate to fight either, needing to win the attention of a female.

How does a tomcat behave ?

Tomcats have the tendency to roam around searching for a female cat in heat to mate with. They most definitely will not hesitate to fight for the attention of a female with other male cats. The fighting mentioned is often times just verbal, with both of the competing male cats hissing out terrible threats, however, when a real fight ensues a tomcat can get wounds that can become infected and develop abscesses that can be life threatening if not treated on time and properly.

Like most male animals, tomcats will mark their territory by urinating on it. This in combination with their howling which happens mostly at night makes them pretty disliked by the neighbors around.

What does a tomcat look like ?

Tomcats tend to be heavier and have more muscular bodies and thicker necks when compared to other cats. Their larger faces and jowls will start to develop around 6 months of age. This, however, does not happen in cats that have been neutered. Tomcats tend to have sort of an unkempt appearance as they do not groom themselves as much.

Older tomcats are usually littered with battle scars, which can range from simple scratches on the nose to notches missing from their ears.

Why exactly are they called tomcats?

The term originally comes from a book called “The Life and Adventures of a Cat” that was published in the year 1760. It was a very popular book at the time and had quite the promiscuous feline character that was called Tom the Cat who liked to woo many females.

Because of this many people started calling male cats “toms” and over some time the word became common slang, along with the term “tomcatting” which refers to promiscuous behavior. Before this term was coined, male cats were simply called rams.

Are tomcats typically aggressive?

They are extremely territorial and with that comes extreme aggression towards any male that dares to intrude on their territory. However, domesticated tomcats should not act aggressive towards people.

Can tomcats be good pets?

Like any cat, tomcats like to have a home that they can eat and sleep in and would be pretty happy to sit with an owner, however they will never be the most important element in the tomcat’s life. If the tomcat detects a female in heat nearby, he will do anything to get out and roam the streets in search of the female.

Tomcats will also spend a large portion of their time defending their own territory from other toms. So, unless you specifically need a male cat for breeding purposes, it is for the best to neuter males, because of their tendency to fight and get injured it will cost you both time and money at the vet constantly.

Do toms frequently go missing for days?

The short answer is yes, they do. They have an innate need to seek a mate, and that need will far outweigh the loyalty to their human and home. Tomcats can go missing for a few days, going as far as weeks at a time. Even if the female is miles away, if they catch her scent, they will go the distance to mate with her.

They are naturally persistent as well as extremely patient when tracking a female and will hang around if they don’t have immediate access to her. The time away from their home base is not considered a hindrance to them whatsoever.

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