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10 Things That Budgies Absolutely Love

Budgies! A very popular pet bringing many households happiness and endless amounts of fun. These small, vibrant birds are cherished for their lively little personalities and ability to mimic speech. Their vibrant feathers adds a splash of color to any room, creating a lively atmosphere. So if you want to get a little budgie as a pet then here are 10 things that budgies really love.

1. Shinny toys

Although controversial due to budgies’ destructive tendencies, can still captivate their interest.

2. Millet

Millets are a variety of cereal grains that fall under the Poaceae family, also known as the grass family. This treat is as irresistible to parakeets as candy to a kid!

3. Crinkle paper

Cheap, sweet and simple what more could you want yet the fill budgies with so much joy.

4. Bird kabobs

Bird kabobs are natural toys that birds can enthusiastically chew and shred. They have gained massive popularity as a very loved toy by budgies. For those who are kind of on the lower income side of society they can find pieces of yucca on websites that sell bird toys.

5. Preening toys

Amazing find for single budgies!

6. Music

A great activity, not only is your home getting filled with music from the TV but also from the budgies. With singing and bobbing their heads.

7. Bells

While contentious, can be kept if of high quality and securely attached.

8. Cuttlefish bone

A good calcium supplement and helps with getting their beaks trimmed.

9. Other budgies

It is a common fact that budgies are flock animals and they love the company of other budgies. However sometimes budgies can fight to assert dominance.

10. Training and playing

Budgies enjoy to learn new things, it keeps their brain stimulated and often times this may be motivated by food.

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