signs a dog trusts you

3 Signs That Your Dog Trusts You

If you have a dog as a pet, you are surely familiar with the dog’s body language… However, do you know what each of its movements means? Does it like you or not? Does your dog trust you or does it do something just because you taught it to do so? Trust is crucial for dogs, and if the animal does not consider you a being it can trust, it will be difficult to establish a good relationship with it.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is necessary to know its movements that reveal everything since they do not have the ability to speak and tell us what they feel. Therefore, we present to you three body language signs which usually indicate that the dog likes you very much and has trust in you.

Here are 3 signs that your dog trusts you

The dog looks directly into your eyes when it’s petted

Even in humans, it is well known that when someone looks you in the eyes, it means that they are listening to you, respecting you, and loving you or simply concentrating on what you say.

Similarly, dogs show trust through eye contact. Many studies have shown that when you’re petting and looking at your dog, the level of oxytocin increases in both of you and the dog. As you know, this hormone plays a significant role in bonding, indicating that the more you look at the dog, the more you bond. And what can this mean other than a display of love and trust?

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You dog turns its back to you

When the dog turns its back to you and doesn’t look at you, it’s a sign that it trusts you completely and knows that you won’t do anything harmful to it. It also shows how comfortable it feels while being with you.

It shows you its belly

In nature, showing the belly is known as submission or surrender, and dogs don’t do it often, except when they are near people they love. When it lies on its back and you scratch its belly, you should know that your dog knows that it has done something good and has completely submissive to you.


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