best apartment dogs for small homes

The 5 Best Apartment Dogs for People With Small Homes

Although there are many great dog breeds in the world, not every dog ​​breed is suitable for keeping in a smaller home. There are many factors that affect this – the dog’s personality, the size, the level of care required by the owners, tolerance towards family and other members in your home, etc.

Therefore, we decided to take a look at 5 great breeds of dogs that are ideal for apartment keeping, and at the same time, are calm enough to be able to live in families with children !

The best 5 apartment dogs

1. The Maltese breed

The Maltese is one of the most famous breeds of small dogs, and has been the pet of choice for some of the most famous artists, scientists and even queens such as Mary I of Scotland, Queen Victoria, Josephine Bonaparte, and Maria Antoinette.

At the same time, the Maltese was a also favorite breed for the ancient Greeks and Romans, especially the children, which makes this breed ideal for small house and apartment keeping, as well as living in families with children.


The Maltese breed originated thousands of years ago somewhere in south-central Europe. The area in which it was bred was really wide, from the Mediterranean countries to Sicily, Egypt, and other parts of southern Europe, although many historians believe that the real origin is from Malta, where it gets its name from – Maltese.

The Maltese dog has originated in antiquity, and the area in which it was bred was really extensive, from the Mediterranean countries to Sicily, Egypt, and southern Europe, although many historians believe that the real origin is from Malta, where it gets its name from – Maltese.


One of the main features of the Maltese, besides the fact that it is a tiny dog, is their beautiful fur which has an average length of about 9 inches (23 cm), beautiful appearance with high-set ears, a tail that is tilted to one side, beautiful tiny eyes that make the Maltese look like a toy!

In terms of character, the Maltese dog is active, sociable, friendly, it loves children immensely, and loves to be petted for hours, which means that you could easily keep it in a small and big apartment alike.

The playful spirit and positive character are the main features of this breed, which explains their popularity, even among the greatest aristocrats.

The average lifespan of Maltese dogs is between 10 – 13 years, and it often happens that this breed of dog exceeds the expected lifespan, which means that these puppies would be your friends for a really long time!

Care and training

Because of their high intelligence, Maltese are firmly attached to the owner, they learn fast, they are flexible, which means that you could train them to behave well and adapt to a life in an apartment in a short period of time.

But when training, you should avoid aggression and shouting because they are quite sensitive. If you don’t have any experience with dog training, it would be best to hire a professional.

Finally, the Maltese breed requires daily grooming with special brushes that will not get tangled in their fur. Feel free to use various types of specialized sprays, creams, etc. if you have difficulty grooming them.


2. The Bichon Frise

The Bichon, also known as “Bichon frise”, belongs to the group of small dogs that are synonymous with European nobility throughout history.



The bichon frise comes from cross-breeding of the Mediterranean Barbet dog with another white fur, small dog. The breed became popular with the French aristocracy, and first brought to America by breeders in the 1950s, where it was immediately accepted by dog keepers.


The first thing you will notice about a bichon is their beautiful silky fur with  7-10cm (3-4 inch) long curls, and of course, a small but muscular body with well-defined chest, a small snout, and tiny black eyes.

But what makes them unique, and also one of the best apartment dogs is the fact that they don’t shed their fur, so they are considered hypoallergenic. Owners who suffer from allergies will not have any problems with this dog.

In terms of character, bichon dogs are intelligent, they like to be petted by their owner and other family members, they are loyal, and sometimes they have a bit higher energy levels, which means that the atmosphere in your apartment will be really positive.

Care and training

They are also curious, so you would have no difficulty training them. In short words – the bichon frise dog is an ideal companion for any home and family!


3. The French Bulldog

Although this dog is called the “French Bulldog”, they are actually descended from English Bulldogs that were bred with terriers or dogs intended for hunting rats (according to experts), and the same for first appeared in 19th century France.


The French Bulldog has a small build, about 11 inches (30 cm) of height in males and slightly less in females, a strong, muscular body with bulging eyes, wide front legs, medium-sized ears and a low-set short tail, usually bent at the top.

Talking about their fur, not every French bulldog has the same color, so you will have the opportunity to choose a French bulldog with a black, striped, reddish-brown or cream colored fur. What they all have in common is that their fur is shiny, refined and soft.

Personality and training

This breed is known for its intelligence, positive spirit, courage, and the fact that they don’t want to be neglected at all. So as an owner, be prepared that they will need more attention, as they want to spend most of their time petting and playing.

They are also very tolerant of children, in fact, they really love children, and they have no problem not being the only pet, because they get along really well with people and animals.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that the French Bulldog is one of the best apartment dogs, but also a great choice for any homeowner because this dog is quite intelligent, and does not require much space to enjoy a quality life.


4. Pugs

The pug, is one of the best dog breeds you can own if you live in an apartment, because they are extremely cheerful, look cute, and are very loyal to both the owner and the rest of the family.

Origin and characteristics

These dogs originated in China, where they were really popular and appreciated by Chinese emperors, but in Europe, they were first brought in the 16th century, where they were recognized by the most famous aristocrats, including Napoleon Bonaparte.

At first glance the pug may look like a French bulldog, because they are similar, but what sets the pug apart is that it’s lighter, it has less muscle mass, weighs about 13-17lbs (6- 8kg), and has a height of 9-11 inches (25-35cm).

The main difference though is their head, which is significantly larger, and it is characterized by deep wrinkles, protruding eyes, which look really nice, and even seem like they are sad.


Pugs are incredibly fun and positive, which means, not only they want to be petted, but they are ready to play anytime. This means that the atmosphere in your apartment will always be pleasant!

However, we would like to inform you that these dogs are very attached to their owner and require a lot of attention, so only choose them if you can spend most of your time with them.

They are also friendly with children, but also towards other pets, which makes them a top choice for any owner who is looking for a dog with these characteristics.

5. Labrador retriever

If you want a larger dog that is ideal for living in an apartment, then you are definitely looking for a Labrador, whose breed is adored by children and adults alike. The Labrador just proves that the dog is man’s best friend!


Main features

The Labrador breed is characterized by a strong body with a height of about 21-22 inches (55-57cm) in males, or 55cm in females, wide head, beautiful, thick fur that can be black, yellow or brown, so you can choose a dog that suits your taste!

What you probably didn’t know is that the paw of this breed has a so-called swimming skin that helps these dogs swim, so it’s not unusual to see the labrador swimming with its owner.


In terms of personality, the labrador is a true human friend who is incredibly loyal, loves to be petted, loves children, and has a high level of intelligence that helps him learn new things, do tricks, but also be submissive to the owner.

Because of their good nature, labradors are often used in a variety of medical treatments, from working with children with autism to people with a variety of disabilities.

The only thing you need to be careful is not to be aggressive towards the dog, especially not during training, because it could become asocial. Nevertheless, this dog would do his best to cheer you up when you are sad. or you are going through a difficult period.

Finally, these are just 5 of the best apartment dogs that are ideal for living in an apartment, but we chose these five for a number of factors, ranging from tenderness towards children, to the intelligence with which they stand out.

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