How to Groom Long Haired Dogs ?

Are you the proud owner of a long-haired coat dog ? Long-haired dogs are strikingly beautiful but their long and shiny coat requires maintenance.

As a pet owner it is important that you establish a grooming routine for your pet and additionally schedule regular appointments at a grooming salon.

This will keep your dog’s coat healthy and matt-free. Keep on reading as we’ll discuss everything you need to know about grooming your dog and what your appointments at the grooming salon will look like.

What Is a Long-Haired Coat ?

There are many dog breeds that have long-haired coats. Their coats are long and some dogs have coats that reach the floor. The coats vary in thickness and texture, some coats are flowing and silky while others have a thicker texture.

The way a dog’s coat will look depends on the time the owner will spend brushing and grooming the coat. This goes for all dogs but with long-haired dogs grooming is of vital importance. Additionally, if you have a long-haired dog it is a good idea to bring them to the groomer every 6-8 weeks.

Some dog breeds that participate in dog shows have particularly long coats and hair that cover their eyes. Although this style is the breed standard some owners prefer a more practical style for their dogs. That’s why visiting the grooming salon is important because the professional taking care of your dog’s style will also preserve the dog’s personality.

What Breeds Have Long Coats ?

There are many dog breeds that have long-haired coats and they all vary in size and shape. Some of the most common long-haired dogs are:

What Are The Benefits of A Long Haired Coat?

Dogs have many benefits from having a long coat. However, some of the advantages may count as negatives depending on your preferences, the weather, and the grooming style. Let’s take a look at the list of benefits so you can decide for yourself whether having a long-haired dog is an advantage or an obligation.


If you want to be that owner that is proudly walking around town with their stylish dog then having a long-haired dog is the right choice for you. Long-haired dogs when groomed properly look magnificent and catch the eye of all people that pass by. If you regularly brush your dog and bring them to the grooming salon it will be in excellent shape and look picture-perfect.

However, if you have trouble maintaining your long haired dog’s grooming routine, things can get a little complicated. Your dog’s coat will start to look dull and matted. Your dog will not feel comfortable in their skin and without regular brushing and shampooing, they will look completely out of shape. Keep in mind that walks in the rain will make their hair muddy which can ultimately ruin their coat.


If you have a long-haired coat dog, you won’t need to dress them in additional coats in the winter period. In fact, many dog breeds originated from cold regions and they have a thick coat to protect them from the outside temperatures. Their dense fur will keep them protected no matter the weather.

However, in the summer period, the dense fur may become a problem for your dog. The coat may give them trouble during a long walk and can lead to heat exhaustion or a heat stroke. If you have a long-haired dog that has an active lifestyle, it’s important to cut the coat in the summer period.


A long coat protects your dog not only from cold weather but also from a range of things such as sharp objects, ice, rain, and snow. The dense fur also protects them from cuts and grazes.

However, the long coat attracts a number of bacteria and parasites. Treating your dog from bacteria and parasites may be extra difficult if they have a long coat. Additionally, the long coat may be packed with debris which the dog can pick up as it trails along the ground. The long coat may also make it difficult for you to notice lumps and bumps. You should check their skin regularly so you can see if their fur is hiding something concerning.

How to Groom Long Haired Dogs at Home

To properly maintain your dog’s coat, you’ll need to regularly visit the groomers and plus establish a consistent home grooming routine. Here’s what you’ll need for a home grooming routine.


Choose a shampoo for your long haired dog that is made from natural ingredients. Make sure the shampoo is soap, paraben, and dye free. You can buy dog shampoos online or at the local pet store.

Consult your veterinarian and see if they can recommend some shampoos that are particularly good for your dog breed. Do not use some of your shampoos because they can be toxic to dogs.

Before applying the shampoo, saturate your dog’s coat with warm water. Apply a small amount of shampoo to your dog’s coat and apply the foam from head to tail. After that, rinse the coat thoroughly and gently brush the coat with a dry towel.


Visit your local pet store and ask the vendor to recommend a good brush specially designed for a long coat. You will have trouble brushing your dog if you don’t have the right brush.

For untangling the hair and removing dead hairs from the coat it’s best to use a curved silver brush. You can also use a poodle comb to smooth the fur and de-tangle problematic parts. Wooden pin brush or standard pin brush can also be useful for brushing your dog.


How you will cut your dog’s hair depends on various factors such as personal style, lifestyle, and period of the year. If your dog participates in dog shows then you’ll want to leave their fur long and flowy. Focus on regularly brushing and cleaning their coat so they can look picture-perfect on the show.

If it’s the summer period and a long coat is impractical for your dog, take thinning scissors and take the weight out of the coat.

Other Maintenance

If your dog has long hair that covers its eyes and face you might want to purchase some bows, clips or bands to get their hair out of its eyes and face. If you tie their hair up they will be able to see more clearly.

As we’ve mentioned before some dogs may hide lumps, bumps and even bacteria and parasites inside their dense fur coat. That’s why it is important to bring your dog to the grooming salon as the groomers will be able to identify any issue.

What Is Required To Maintain a Long Coat at Home?

As we’ve mentioned above one of the most important things is to regularly bring your dog to the grooming salon. The professionals there have the knowledge and the right equipment to keep your dog’s coat nice and shiny.

However, you will also need to establish a strict home grooming routine for your long haired dog. For a proper grooming routine, you’ll need a couple of brushes that are designed for the type of coat your dog has.

You will also need to invest in a natural shampoo and an anti-static spray. Also, keep in mind that dogs with long coats require daily brushing. Smooth their hair all over and pay closer attention to the areas that are matted.

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