are grapes safe for dogs

Can Dogs Eat Grapes ?

Even though dogs are omnivores that have zero need for fruits in their diet, an occasional fresh fruit as a treat is considered to be okay. However, not all fruits are created equal. Some of them can be toxic and harmful to canine health regardless of breed, size and age, and should be avoided by all means.

Can dogs actually eat grapes ?

If you’ve ever wondered whether you can share delicious grapes with your dog, the answer is a strict no. Although science still doesn’t have a firm grasp on what causes the issue, the fact is that dogs can have severe or fatal reactions to this fruit and therefore grapes are not safe for dogs, and your dog should never be allowed to eat grapes.

Why are grapes so bad for dogs ?

Grapes and their dried counterpart, raisins, are highly toxic to dogs, most likely due to their abundance with tartaric acid, which has long been associated with kidney damage and failure.

Numerous studies on dog health and grape ingestion suggest that any amount of grapes can be poisonous. Of course, differences in bodyweight matter, so a tiny breed will experience more intense adverse effects from a small amount of grapes, compared to an English Mastiff.

Generally speaking, even one single grape or raisin can lead to acute kidney failure in dogs, so it should be avoided at all costs, regardless of the dog’s size or age.

What are the symptoms of grape poisoning in dogs ?

The following are the main signs of toxic ingestion of grapes in dogs:

  • Loss of appetite: usually occurs 24-48 hours after ingestion
  • Lethargy and weakness: can happen within 48 hours of ingestion
  • Vomiting and diarrhea: usually happens within a few hours
  • Abdominal pain: usually happens within 24 hours
  • Dehydration: includes panting, dry nose and mouth and pale gums
  • Excessive thirst and/or urine production: this may be the first symptom of acute kidney failure and can happen 24-72 hours after ingestion
  • Kidney failure: fatal if not treated immediately

What should I do if my dog ate a grape?

If you’ve noticed your dog helping himself to some grapes from your fruit bowl, don’t wait for the symptoms to develop – seek immediate veterinary care and instructions on how to induce vomiting. Early intervention is critical, and you can prevent many of the negative effects of grape consumption if your dog gets treatment quickly enough!

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