Can Parakeets Eat Broccoli

Can Parakeets Eat Broccoli ?

If you have ever owned a pet, there is a big chance that you have asked yourself whether or not they can eat any of our human food. This article tackles the parakeet breed in particular, and if they can eat broccoli.

Broccoli is quite the staple in most dishes we make, the public is pretty divided on it though, some love it and some simply hate the stuff. It doesn’t matter what we like on this matter, what matters now is whether it’s safe to give to your parakeet!

Simply put, parakeets can eat broccoli. It can be a tasty, yet healthy addition to their diet which they will most definitely love. But it is important not to give it in large quantities, as it is a rich and complex food that you should not overfeed it on. Moderate amounts as a treat work fine and well.

This veggie can have a really important place in your bird’s diet, but it is still crucial that you give it to them in a moderate amount. The diet of a parakeet is simple, but still a bit sensitive, so staying careful with the amount that they are being fed is key.

Let’s dive further into this shall we?

Is broccoli any good for a parakeet ?

Yes, in quite a lot of ways actually. Your parakeet will love eating it, and most importantly it will go down really well! One thing to keep in mind is that variety is key, especially when it comes to a parakeet’s diet, having interesting and different snacks at all times is crucial and beneficial for your parakeet’s overall mood.

Furthermore, there are a lot of nutritional benefits when eating broccoli as well. Broccoli is really rich in fiber, making it great for your parakeet’s overall digestive health. Any animal that is an herbivore should be getting a lot of fiber in their diet, so broccoli is an amazing option.

It also contains a lot of different vitamins that are necessary for a bird’s diet. Such as vitamin c, which is a powerful antioxidant that prevents the formation of free radicals in the body’s cells, along with large quantities of vitamins K, A, and B9. All good for the parakeet’s health.

Broccoli in itself is also rich in a lot of minerals, such as potassium, phosphorous, and even selenium. These minerals serve many functions in the parakeet’s body, such as regulating blood pressure to the fluid inside the cells, and many more central body functions.

Simply put, broccoli is an amazing addition to a parakeet’s diet, but this does not mean they should only be fed broccoli and nothing else.

Can broccoli be bad for parakeets ?

Broccoli, on its own, is not generally bad for parakeets. It is perfectly safe and will not cause them any harm when they are eating it.

A word of caution, the fact that it is extremely rich in so many nutrients should be taken into account since a small animal like the parakeet needs only a small amount of it before it has got all of the required benefits that it’s tiny body can handle.

Overfeeding your parakeet with broccoli can cause digestive problems to occur. The parakeet can become very full very quickly and end up with more nutrition than their body can metabolize.

The recommended amount is a small chunk once or twice a week, at most. Make this an occasional treat for your bird, but make sure to swap it with other foods during the course of the week, such as fruit or other veggies! Doing this will keep them from getting bored of the same ole’ treats and give them a lot of nutrients in the end.

Are parakeets able to digest the broccoli stalks ?

Yes, parakeets are able to eat any part of the broccoli, however, they will get the most nutritional benefit from the heads of broccoli, rather than the stalks.

The broccoli stalks are very tough to chew through and actually contain very little nutritional value when compared to the heads, even though they are still pretty beneficial in many ways.

If you are planning on giving your parakeets broccoli, toss out the stalks and give them the heads instead. Parakeets are more likely to ignore that part of the plant as well, as it is tough to bite through. The heads on the other hand, are softer and more nutritious!

What about cooked broccoli? Is it any different?

Can parakeets eat cooked broccoli ?

Yes, they can, but it should be avoided. Every vegetable loses a portion of its nutritional value during the cooking process, no matter how you cook it. The bigger problem in this situation is the other ingredients that you may have cooked it in. Many oils and spices can be problematic for a parakeet to digest, so you should strictly avoid feeding any spiced or roasted broccoli to your parakeet if you don’t want any digestive problems.

On the other hand, if it is just boiled in water without any seasoning at all, it is safe to give them, but then again, there generally is no advantage of this over just feeding them some raw broccoli, it’s easier too.

Can a parakeet eat raw broccoli ?

Yes! Raw broccoli is the ideal way to feed them this veggie, as with any other vegetable really. The raw form is easily digestible and full of nutrients that generally get lost in the cooking process.

As an owner, you should strive to give them virtually the best and closest you can get to wild diet, which of course, does not contain any cooked vegetables. Not to mention that it tastes the best for them, and keep in mind that a parakeet’s digestive system differs quite a bit compared to a human’s!


Parakeets can eat broccoli safely and it should be introduced to their diet. It has great nutritional value, but it should not be overfed as it can become problematic very quickly.

Keeping a balanced diet is crucial when owning a parakeet, so make sure that they are getting a variety of different food closely mimicking a wild diet.

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