how long do parrots live

How Long Do Parrots Live as Pets ?

Parrots are birds that have been domesticated for thousands of years. Parrots are excellent companions because they have amazing cognitive abilities and they are considered to be the most intelligent type of bird on Earth.

These beautiful creatures are capable of mimicking human speech and can make fun and loyal companions. Parrots are a popular pet choice for people of all ages.

If you are considering bringing a parrot home, it’s very important to do a little research and learn about exactly what it means to be a parrot owner and what are all the obligations that are involved in that commitment.

For example, did you know that parrots are long-lived birds and they live much longer than dogs? This means that bringing home a parrot is a serious and long commitment.

Average Lifespan of Parrots

So, how long do parrots live as pets? You might be surprised by the answer. Parrots can live between 10 and 50 years. And the oldest recorder parrot on Earth lived full 83 years.

These colorful creatures are part of the order Psittaciformes, generally live in tropical areas, and compromise a group that includes around 398 species. The life expectancy of different species of parrots can vary greatly.

What this means is that parrots are a rare type of pet that can be with you for your entire life. That’s precisely why keeping a parrot as a pet is a serious commitment.

It can sometimes happen that a parrot outlives their owners. Parrots live much longer in captivity than in the wild because in captivity they are much more protected from other animals and diseases.

Here is a list of the average lifespan of some of the most popular parrot species:

  • Budgerigars (budgies): 5 to 18 years
  • Canaries: 10 years
  • Lovebirds: 10-25 years
  • African Gray Parrots: between 40 and 60 years
  • Amazon Parrots: 25 to 75 years
  • Conures: 10 to 30 years
  • Cockatoos: 10 to 60 years
  • Cockatiels: 10 to 15 years

Parrot Lifespan Factors

They are many factors that can influence the life span of a parrot. Some of these factors include nutrition, mental health, security, veterinarian care etc. Here are some of the main factors that influence the lifespan of a parrot:

Attention from the owner

Parrots are pets that require time and commitment. They are very active and social and whether they have owners that satisfy these needs also influences their life span.

Cleanliness and space

It’s important to mention that parents will thrive if they live in a spacious and clean space where they have plenty of room to fly around and spread their wings.

Natural light

Getting only artificial light can be life-threatening to a parrot. So, it’s also crucial that they get all throughout the day natural sunlight or full-light spectrum.

This is very beneficial to a parrot’s metabolism and it also helps them to establish a healthy day/night cycle. All the previously mentioned factors can influence greatly the mental health of a parrot.

Another bird companion

As we’ve mentioned before parrots are very social and they can get lonely. They are considered to be flock species which means tend to live in groups. It’s also important to know that these birds particularly require companionship from another parrot. No matter how close they are with the pet owners they usually cannot take the place of another bird.

Proper nutrition

Another important factor that influences a parrot’s life expectancy is nutrition. Pet owners should provide their parrots with a healthy diet. An appropriate diet also influences the mental health of the parrot. Usually, a good diet for parrots includes grains, vegetables, pellets, fresh fruits, seeds ad nuts.

Visits to the vet

Finally, the last factor that influences a parrot’s life is veterinarian care. Regular visits to the veterinarian can help your parrot live a long and healthy life.

Famous Old Parrots

Did you know that they are parrots superstars? Yes, throughout history there are some parrots that became famous due to exceptional cognitive abilities and extended lifespans.

  • Alex was a famous parrot that lived 31 years. He was the subject of a thirty-years long experiment done by psychologists Irene Pepperberg. Alex was a beautiful bird and showed an intelligence of a 5-year-old boy in some respects. Dr. Pepperberg wrote a book about him called “Alex and Me“.
  • Cookie was the oldest resident of the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. This parrot is a Guinness World Recorder and he is considered to be one of the oldest living birds on Earth as well as the oldest living parrot. Cookie dies in 2016 at the age of 83.

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