How To Choose a Bird Cage For Your Pet Bird

In recent years, birds have become very popular among pet owners. Dogs and cats are certainly nice companions but they require a lot of maintenance and attention and they are more suitable for people that have more free time. On the other hand, birds are great companions as well but they do not require as much effort as other pets.

Birds are cheerful, loyal, and beautiful pets and they can add a sense of warmth to your home. However, you should make sure you choose the proper cage for your bird so it can feel nice and comfortable in your home.

There are a number of options on the market when it comes to cages and with a little research, you’ll be able to find just the right cage for your lovely bird. Keep on reading as we’ll discuss in this article everything you need to know to choose a quality bird cage.

What Size Birdcage Should I Choose?

When choosing a birdcage, size is the most important factor you should consider. It’s recommendable that you buy a big and spacious cage because in this type of cage your bird will feel more comfortable.

But if your home is small then a big birdcage may take up too much space. Keep in mind that the worst thing that can happen is that your bird feels confined in the cage.

This will strongly affect your bird’s overall attitude and health and they may not be so cheerful. They can even get depressed. So, it’s best to buy a cage that is as big as possible.

Remember if your bird is small that doesn’t mean that they need a small cage. Flying is important for birds so it’s best to choose a cage where they will be able to spread their wings and fly freely.

Another thing you should consider is where you will place the cage? Often people place the cage in the living room because this is often the most spacious room. Make sure you place the cage in a room where your bird will get enough sunlight and where it will be able to interact with you or members of your family. Birds are friendly pets and like companionship. This makes them feel loved and cared for.

What Is The Recommended Bar Spacing in Bird Cages ?

The birdcage is very important for your bird. This is a space where your bird will spend most of their life. So you want your bird to feel at home in this space. That’s why it is important that your bird feels secure in the cage. This is a place where they should have a spot for eating and enough space for playing and resting. In every cage, there are spaces between the bars. These spaces are determined by many things including the size of the bird.

If you own parakeets, canaries, finches, or lovebirds you should choose a cage that has space between the bars that are not bigger than 1.5 centimeters. But if you own big birds such as a parrot or a nymph then you should buy a cage that has big spaces between the bars. They should be more than two centimeters apart.

Another important aspect of the cage is how the bars are aligned. Small birds usually play on vertical bars so this is important in a cage if you own a small bird. On the other hand, if you have a big bird it is important to choose a cage that has strong horizontal bars.

What Are The Most Durable Bird Cages Made Of ?

A typical bird cage is constructed from metal. The most popular constructing option for a birdcage is stainless steel. Stainless steel is a sturdy and durable material that will last long. Plus, it doesn’t require special maintenance.

Another good reason for choosing a bird cage from stainless steel is that it can be customized to match your home decor. You may choose a colorful cage with many different shades and colors or the traditional shiny chrome-plated finish.

Birdcages can also be made from bronze and wrought iron. You can also buy a birdcage that is made from wood. Wooden bird cages are particularly beautiful but they come with a higher price tag. However, in these cages, your bird may get some extra comfort and they also come with a unique style that can enrich your home decor.

What Types of Bird Cages Are Most Convenient ?

There are three main bird cages from which you can choose. The first ones are floor-based design cages. These are usually spacious cages and you should buy them only if you have enough free space in your house.

The second one is tabletop cages. These types of cages are light and portable and they are also smaller in size. This is a better choice if you plan to move the cage frequently. You can also buy a hanging cage. This is a good solution if you don’t have enough space in your home.

What Is The Best Shape for a Birdcage ?

In the marketplace, there are many rectangular or square cages. A popular option among bird owners are rounded designs because they are small, light, and easy to clean. They also feel natural to a bird and make them feel more secure.

You also want to pick a cage that has some height. It’s important that your birds have enough space to spread their wings, fly around and play.

Keep in mind that cages can make a bird feel confined and this is the last thing you want for your pet. Be careful when you’ll choose the shape and layout of the cage because they will influence your home decor. If you’re planning to mount the cage in a corner it’s best to choose a rectangular or square design.

As we’ve mentioned before the bird cage will become an important part of your home decor so you may want to consider buying a handmade  bird cage. Wooden bird cages can be particularly beautiful and they will make your bird feel more natural. They will cost more no doubt but they can be truly worth it.

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