10 Reasons Why Cats Make Good House Pets

Do cats make good pets ?

Everyone loves animals, right? Who wouldn’t want a pet cat or dog running around their home? Most people prefer the latter rather than the former due to dogs being a more approachable pet, but cats do make really good house pets, and an equally good companion and we’ll tell you exactly why in this article.

Those that proclaim themselves as either dog or cat people may never see eye to eye when the discussion of what’s the better pet option. However, cats can be just as great of a pet as dogs are, and it all falls down to the type of lifestyle you have.

Despite the stereotypes, cats are just as playful, loyal and fun as dogs are, additionally cats, in some ways, can be easier to take care of compared to their canine counterpart.

Why cats make very good pets

1. Cats are not a hassle to clean

Since cats spend a lot of their time actually grooming themselves, you won’t have to do that yourself very often.

If you compare them to their canine counterparts in terms of smell, you will find that cats tend to smell better and unlike dogs, they won’t get the sudden urge to go outside and roll in the mud or scratch at your carpet.

Their fur tends to feel softer and cleaner to the touch due to their constant self grooming.

2. They don’t make a lot of noise

Usually, the most you’ll hear out of a cat is a soft meow or a subtle purr, but even the loudest meows can’t hold a candle to most barks.

Meows are simply adorable and even the most annoying ones won’t make you mad. Additionally, you won’t be hearing any complaints from your neighbors over your cat’s cute sounds.

3. Cats tend to be low maintenance pets

As it was mentioned in the first reason listed, cats are self grooming, because of that they are a perfect fit for owners that tend to be low maintenance.

They don’t need the same daily walks or outside bathroom breaks like dogs do. And even though they love attention, they don’t seek it out as much as canines do.

At the very most they will lay down next to you while you do your work. Cats are also safe to be left home alone as they don’t have the urge to gnaw on your shoes or anything else such as dogs do.

4. They don’t need to go outside for bathroom breaks

Unlike with owning a dog, you won’t be needing to freeze outside late at night waiting for your pet to do their business. Let’s be honest, no one likes cleaning a litterbox, but it’s less of a hassle than going outside in bad weather or carrying around a bag while walking your dog.

Additionally cats are small enough in stature so they get plenty of exercise at home, even better if you have plenty of spaces and climbing towers. Cats don’t need to go outside as often, so you also don’t need to worry about them bringing dirt inside.

5. Cats are really easy to potty train

It’s pretty common for kittens to automatically know how to use a litter box as soon as you bring them home with you, even stray or feral cats instinctually bury their waste after doing their business. The very most that you have to do is to show your lovable kitten where the litter box is and show her how to dig in the clean litter using your hand.

6. They’re natural pest exterminators!

This is great for people who have problems with mice or rats since the very scent and presence of a cat is enough to deter them. But if a rouge mouse finds its way into your home then your cat will deal with it.

Cats have natural hunter instincts that will kick in. It can be pretty gross to find rodent remains left over from your feline friend’s hunt but it is better than it being alive and terrorizing your cupboard!

As well as hunting mice, cats also are great at keeping away insects, making your house safe from flies, moths and other bugs! Not all though, since some are less tasty than others to cats, specifically ladybugs.

7. Cats are fairly inexpensive compared to dogs

When it comes to adoption, the initial fees for cats differ compared to dogs, kittens usually are cheaper, and that’s what makes them good pets for some owners. Cat food, cat toys and other supplies are also on the cheaper side.

Since cats are fairly smaller than most dogs and require fewer purchases, picking up one from the shelter is a good choice for a pet. Veterinary visits usually cost much less too!

Many cats find fun in toys that are not toys by definition, such as cardboard boxes, silicone bracelets, milk jug rings and other things!

8. Cats are safer to be left alone at home than dogs

As we already established, cats don’t need to go outside to use the restroom, and they can happily be left alone all day while you at work or are simply busy. You don’t have to worry about coming home and it being left in a disastrous state.

Cats are also less prone to develop separation anxiety, that means they can be left alone at home for longer periods of time without their human companion. However, if you are a very busy person and are mostly out of your home then getting two cats is better since they will keep each other company.

9. Cats are great for apartment dwellers

Since cats are smaller in stature, an apartment home is perfect for them. Additionally, you are far more likely to be allowed to keep a cat rather than a dog in an apartment. The lesser the noise the more acceptable the pet.

Since they use a litter box as a main restroom and don’t need frequent visits to the outside, living in higher lever apartments is more viable than with a dog.

You won’t be hearing any noise complaints from neighbors either, since cats are generally silent, save the occasional meow of course.

10. They are simply great companions

Cats tend to prefer to be where their human is but are less needy and attention seeking compared to dogs. They’re much more likely to just sit at their human’s side while they work.

And honestly there’s nothing better than a cat curled up purring in your lap after a hardworking day. While not overtly high maintenance, they can be just as affectionate as their canine counterpart!

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