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How Much Food Should You Feed Your Cat ?

Most cat owners seem to not feed their pets properly. A veterinary report from 2018 shows the needs of cats when it comes to their diet.

According to the report, most domestic cats depend on their owners for food and they eat what they want, when they want. That is, most cats are given a plate of food that is constantly full. As a result, the cat eats smaller meals several times a day, without taking into account the cat’s individual energy needs.

Supposedly, this practice is the opposite of the evolution of cats and can have negative health consequences. Cats are hunters and feeding this way does not give them “environmental stimulation”.

This is also the reason why many cats become obese and reduce physical activity, because eating itself becomes their main activity. When this happens, a number of problems can occur, including anxiety, stress as well as other health problems.

On the other hand, in a household with more cats, some may not get enough food because their siblings are stronger. In these homes, cats may confine themselves to certain parts or rooms due to their social connections, personalities, and genetics. Some cats can walk around in every room, while some have few places where they feel safe.

So how do you feed your cat properly? According to the experts, you should try to feed your cat in a more natural way. For example, you can leave food in various locations throughout the home to satisfy your cat’s desire to search for food. At the same time, you will encourage your pet to exercise.

How much food should you feed your cat

It is best to give cats a smaller amount of food several times a day (preferably 2 times a day), instead of leaving too much food on the plate.

How much dry food should you feed your cat

On average, if you’re providing your indoor cat with a good-quality dry food made by a reputable brand and containing high-quality protein, you would typically feed them around 1/3 to 1/2 cup of food per day. This amount of nutritious food translates to approximately 167 to 250 calories.

How much wet food should you feed a cat

Typically, cats require about 4-5 ounces (113-141g)  of canned food in total per day. It’s worth noting that pate-style varieties of cat food tend to have higher calorie content per can compared to the varieties that resemble human food with chunks and gravies. This can actually come in handy when you’re trying to adjust and fine-tune the daily calorie intake for your furry friend.

If you keep several cats, it is best to feed them separately. This will reduce the anxiety associated with health problems. Also, keep food away from the sandbox.

It is best to set a specific goal. If your cat is obese or looks too thin, talk to a veterinarian to help you decide what is best for your pet.

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