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7 Simple DIY Homemade Cat Toys

Are you looking for the perfect cat toy? Fortunately, a cat toy doesn’t have to be expensive or disposable. Using just a few household items, we can make simple homemade cat toys and provide our cats with plenty of entertainment!

Cheap homemade cat toys

Plastic bottle caps

Cats adore playing with plastic bottle caps, slapping and chasing them around. And we don’t even need to entertain the cat, we can just toss them a plastic cap and act like we’re not paying attention.

A cardboard box


Cardboard boxes are a top favorite among cats. They can spend hours and hours of playing with them. Place the box anywhere on your floor or your favorite piece of furniture for the cat’s full enjoyment. This “toy” can be even more fun if you have multiple cats. You’re going to enjoy watching them chase each other inside and out of the box.

Stuffed old socks

For kittens, stuff some old socks with fragrant catnip and tie them off. The irresistible scent will make the old socks an instant hit.

Paper balls

Transform crumpled-up paper into a toy by rolling it into balls or attaching a string to a piece of paper.

Toilet paper rolls

Toilet paper rolls are another exciting option for cats. Some love them as is, while others enjoy ribbons tied to the ends. Fill them with beans, cover the openings with paper, and secure with a rubber band for an extra rattle.

Wine bottle corks

Corks from wine bottles also make great toys since they’re light and easy to slap and chase. We can even attach them to a string and swing them around.

A plain paper bag

Any type of paper bag can pique a cat’s interest. Lay it on its side and watch them go crazy. Sprinkling some catnip inside makes it even more enticing.


To create an award-winning game, we can make an open-ended tunnel out of tall cardboard boxes. Place two or more boxes side by side and cut off holes in them to create a tunnel. Hang a natural material toy at the end for added fun.

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