Why Do Cats Love Boxes So Much ?

When cats and their quirky hobbies took over the internet, we realized we got something we can’t live without. From chasing lasers, running away from the bathtub, and being scared of their own shadows… we arrived at an unbreakable bond between cats and the simplest cardboard object that forever occupies a place in the trash. Boxes.

That’s right… it turned out that the most ordinary boxes fascinate our cats much more than anything that came in them. With all of this came our well-known, who knows what in the order, question: But why do cats love boxes?

One possible reason is that boxes provide cats with a sense of security and comfort. As boxes are small, dark, and enclosed on almost all sides, the idea that cats find refuge in them made the most sense. That’s why a study was conducted on cats at a Dutch animal shelter.

Cats that had just arrived at the shelter were divided into two groups. One group was provided with boxes, while the other was not. A significant difference in stress levels was discovered between these two groups.

Cats with boxes adapted faster to the new environment, had more interest in exploring the new space, interacted more with people, and showed significantly less stress than the other group.

However, often, the only stress that cats show is not being able to crawl into a box of cookies, a teacup, or some other completely illogical place…

Another possible reason is that boxes and other small spaces provide cats with a sense of warmth and insulation. Cats are creatures of comfort, and they often seek out warm, cozy spots to rest and sleep. Boxes can provide a sense of insulation, keeping cats warm and cozy in even the coldest environments.

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Additionally, boxes provide cats with a place to scratch and mark their territory. Cats have scent glands in their paws, and scratching helps to mark their territory and leave their scent behind. Boxes and other enclosed spaces provide a convenient and private place for cats to scratch and mark their territory.

Do wild cats love boxes ?

The enduring fascination of cats with boxes has been extensively documented by humans, leading to experiments testing the same attraction on wild cats in reserves and zoos. Unsurprisingly, the results were similar to those observed with domestic cats, although with a more peculiar aspect. Apparently, some things never change…

Overall, there are several reasons why cats love boxes, and providing your feline friend with a box or other enclosed space can be a great way to keep them happy, comfortable, and entertained.

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