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The 10 Most Intelligent Cat Breeds

Cats are very smart animals. Dog lovers may not agree with this statement, but the ability to solve problems, independence, social intelligence, are very pronounced and developed in cats.

However, there are some cat breeds that are more intelligent than other breeds. They are easy to train, they communicate well with other animals and easily adapt to any environment you put them in. Which cat breeds are the most intelligent of all – read below.

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Here are the 10 most intelligent cat breeds

1. Abyssinian cat


This slender beauty is at the very top of the smartest cat breeds in the world. It has an athletic build, muscular body, characteristic erect ears and can grow up to 25 centimeters.

It is special in that it adapts very quickly to the atmosphere in the home and the activities you do every day. She quickly learns new tricks, loves to be petted and brushed, and your lap is her favorite place in the home.

2. Balinese cat


The so-called Balinese are long-haired versions of the famous Siamese cat. They are one of the most active breeds who love to explore everything humans do.

They are very vocal and constantly voice their opinion – you will clearly see when they are happy and when they are not. They can quickly learn to fetch something, walk on a leash and perform various tricks, and they are special because of their beautiful blue eyes.

3. Bengal cat

Image credit: The Dodo

This beauty is known for its exotic fur that resembles a leopard or a jaguar. It was created by cross breeding a domestic cat with an Asian leopard cat. They are highly intelligent, have an athletic build and always act a little wild.

They like mental puzzles and similar games, and for complete happiness they need a lot of space to practice. They can learn to turn lights on and off, take fish out of aquariums, and take things out of drawers.

4. Burmese cat


The energetic and sociable breed likes to socialize with people and other animals. These cats are smart, adaptable, playful and trainable. They can learn to sit, roll over, carry small objects and walk on a leash.

5. Cornish Rex

A white (or grey) wavy coat, a thin and slender frame, a small head and erect ears are the physical characteristics by which we will easily recognize this breed.

They are active and sociable, and owners will say that they sometimes act more like a dog than a cat. They have long fingers with which they can easily open cupboards and have an amazing ability to jump to the highest point in the room.

6. Brown Javanese cat


The Havanese is a breed of cat that is characterized by its beautiful, shiny, chocolate-colored coat. This is a rare breed that was created by crossing the Siamese cat with several other breeds. They are intelligent, playful and meow a lot. They like puzzles that challenge them mentally and physically.

7. Korat

The Korat race, originating from the province of the same name in Thailand, brings good luck to their culture. They are moderately energetic and constantly seek the border between active play and passive resting on their owner’s lap. She can learn games and tricks very easily and is a bit stingy – she doesn’t like to share toys with other animals.

8. Savannah

A rare and exotic breed was created by crossing a domestic cat with a wild African cat. At first glance we see that the wild gene has taken over almost her entire physical appearance, and these characteristics are also seen in their personalities.

They need lots of space to play, jump and run, so it’s perfect for families with a yard and garden. As well as being able to learn to open cupboards, some cats of this breed can even open the famous one themselves!

9. Siamese cat

One of the most popular breeds in the world, it is also one of the smartest. They are known for their curious nature, they are affectionate and energetic. They love to play with people and crave attention and lots of cuddles.

10. Singapura

Small but dynamite is the right description for the beautiful big-eyed cat that appeared in the 1970s on the streets of Singapore. They are very active and intelligent and will always find something to amuse themselves. They need a lot of vertical space to play, so don’t be surprised if you see this kitten hanging from the curtain.

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