cats that look like wild animals

7 Cat Breeds That Look Like Wild Animals

Do you want to adopt a cat that resembles a wild animal? These cats are beautiful, wild, and extremely intelligent. They are known for being very curious, intelligent and playful. So if you want a cat like this, keep on reading as we’ve gathered a list of the most beautiful cat breeds that resemble wild animals.

7 cats that look like wild animals

The Bengal – the cat that looks like a leopard

The Bengal - the cat that looks like a leopard

Image credit: The Dodo

If you like the shiny fur of leopards then you should consider getting a Bengal cat. They are widely known for their beautiful fur and usually, people adopt them because they look like leopards. The Bengal cat is basically a result of crossing Asian leopard cats with domestic short-hairs.

Bengals are very active and friendly pets. If you like to spend time having fun with your pet then the Bengal cat will be the perfect fit for you. They are extremely intelligent, energetic, and curious. They are always running around the house looking for new objects that can be used as toys. Unlike most cats, Bengals love water.

So, don’t be surprised if they follow you into the bathroom and go together with you under the shower. People that keep a Bengal cat should have a lot of spare time as these cats enjoy playtime. Bengals are very intelligent and they enjoy learning new tricks. They like to spend time with their owner and need a lot of attention.

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Bengal cats are considered to be one of the most beautiful cat breeds due to their mesmerizing coat which is full of distinctive marbling. On their coat, they have rosettes just like the markings of leopards, ocelots, or jaguars. These rosettes can be more than one color often with a darker shade around the spot.

These rosettes can have different colors including cocoa, chocolate brown, black, or charcoal. Their coat is in contrast with the spots and comes in a number of different colors including brown, golden, rust, ivory, orange, and buff. These cats are quite big and usually weigh between 10-15 pounds (3.6-6.8kg) and can usually live between 14-16 years old.

The Savannah – a cat that looks like a cheetah

The Savannah - a cat that looks like a cheetah

One of the most beautiful cats on this list, the Savannah is a cross between a domestic cat and African Serval. This is a quite large cat that resembles a wild animal with their big ears, long legs and spotty fur.

These cats are particularly active and energetic. They like attention and you can spend some quality time with them by teaching them some new tricks. People usually say that they are the feline version of a dog. They are ideal for pet owners that like to keep a dog but are not ready to fulfill all the extra canine needs.

After all, it’s much easier to own a cat that resembles a wild animal, than a dog. Savannahs are known for being very social and friendly. Additionally, they are very loyal to their family members.

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Their coats come in brown, black and silver shades. The coat has round and oval spots covering the whole body. These spots are black with a solid dark shade. Additionally, they have small spots in the area around their feet, legs and face.

Their eyes are medium-sized and can be any color and they have tear-stained markings between their eyes and the nose. Their ears resemble the ears of the African Serval. These cats weigh from 7-20 pounds (3.6-9.1kg) and can live between 12-20 years.

The Abyssinian – the cat that looks like a mini cougar

Abyssinian - the cat that looks like a mini cougar

This beautiful creature resembles a cougar or even a lion. The Abyssinian cats have golden coats and almond-shaped eyes. These cats are particularly wild and adventerous. They like to play with their owner and need a lot of attention. Furthermore, they are extremely intelligent and enjoy games in which they are able to learn new tricks.

Abyssinian cats like to climb on things and you can spot them jumping around the house. These cats love to play so if you don’t have a lot of free time they are not the right fit for you.

The abyssinian cats are also known as “Aby-Grabbys” because they tend to take things that they find amusing. These cats are extremely energetic and always jump around the house. Unlike the stereotype of a sleepy and lazy cat, they are extremely active and always in motion. They seem to never sleep and are always looking for a new adventure. You can entertain them with ping-pong balls, bottle caps and any small objects.

The pattern of their coat is very similar to a cougar’s coat. The coat can be brown, cinnamon, blue, fawn or ruddy color. It’s very soft and silky and is medium-length.

These cats weigh from 8-10 pounds (3-4 kg) and can live up to 15 years.

The Bombay – a cat that looks like a panther

Bombay - a cat that looks like a panther

The Bombay cats are domestic cats that resemble a panther. These cats basically look like a miniature panther with a shiny coat and hypnotizing eyes. These cats are very social, curious and adventurous. They like to play with small children and are an excellent choice for families with children.

The Bombays are loyal companions and are very affectionate.They love people and can easily adapt to different environments. They also get on well with other animals, so if you have another cat or a dog they will probably be friends.These cats are very active and if you have a garden they will spend most of their time chasing birds.

They have a strong muscular body and a black coat. Their coats are soft and silky. These cats weigh from 6-11 pounds (2.7-5kg) and can usually live from 12-16 years.

People usually avoid black cats because they think that they bring bad luck. This is just a superstition because the Bombay cat will bring a lot of joy and happiness in your household.

The American Bobtail – a cat that looks like a wild bobcat

American Bobtail - a cat that looks like a wild bobcat

These beautiful creatures look a lot like the bobcats that are native to the United States. They have a beautiful shiny coat and expressive eyes. The American Bobtails are friendly, curious and loyal.

They like to spend time with their pet owners and also like to play with children. They easily get along with other pets and can easily adapt to new environments. This means that traveling with an american bobtail won’t be a problem as they will quickly adapt to the new environment.

These cats resemble wild felines due to their tufted ears and strong muscular body. They have a medium-length coat with a soft undercoat. Additionally, they have a unique tail which can be between 1-5 inches long. Their coats come in different colors such as white, cream, brown and black.

These cats weigh 8-13 pounds (3.6-8.8kg) and can live up to 15 years.

The Toyger – cat that looks like a tiger

Toyger - cat that looks like a tiger

The Toyger resembles a miniature tiger. They are very beautiful and have striped fur. The Toygers are friendly, loyal and curious. They like to  play with children and with other animals. You can usually spot them in the garden chasing birds.

What you probably didn’t know about the toyger is that they are a designer breed. They were created to look like a tiger. And they do resemble a miniature tiger. This cat breed is particularly popular among pet owners because of their beautiful striped fur.

This is a very affectionate and playful cat breed. Just like the Bengal cats, they too love to play with water and they will always follow you in the shower. Teach them new tricks as they are very curious. They also love fetch games. The Toyger is a loyal and affectionate cat that gets very quickly attached to family members.

Toygers have muscular and strong bodies. They have big heads and small ears. Their neck is very muscular while their eyes are wide and colorful.

Toygers weigh 7-15 pounds (3-6.8kg) and they usually live up to 15 years.

The Egyptian Mau


The Egyptian Mau is a very rare cat breed. Research shows that this cat descends from the African wild cat and it originates from Egypt. It has a natural spotty pattern which is very rare among domesticated cat breeds. The Egyptian Mau resembles a leopard and cheetah.

This is a very active cat, that loves to jump around, climb on trees and chase birds. Although they’re active they have a calm personality. They like to play children, are loyal to their pet parents and generally enjoy the company of humans. They can be a wonderful and playful companion. They are also highly intelligent and can learn to perform tricks such as opening doors and windows.

Their coat comes in a variety of colors and shades. It usually has a bronze, blue or black shade with dark spots. Their coat has a truly unique look which is rarely seen. These cat weigh from 6 to 14 pounds and can live up to 16 years.

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