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10 Human Foods Cats Can Eat Safely

If you own a cat, you may have caught yourself wondering just what else can they eat aside for plain old cat food? Let’s say, there will, hypothetically, be a time where you run out of cat food in the house, just what will you feed your precious cat then?

In this article we’ll answer all of your burning questions surround what foods can cats safely consume, that aren’t specially made for them.

What do cats eat in the wild ?

Being predators by nature, cats both chase and hunt smaller animals such as mice, shrews, rabbits and even birds! On some occasions they catch their own fish as well. And on even rarer occasions they catch and eat small lizards, small snakes and insects.

Knowing these facts, we can deduce that cats are primarily carnivorous and meat is vital to their diet. They need the protein from the meat so that they can maintain being active and thrive in the environment, like most mammals. So protein is an essential nutrient in their diet.

You will never see a wild cat having a diet that’s high in carbs, so that’s why you need to avoid giving too much of it to your household’s cat. If they do consume too many carbs on the regular, that may result in obesity, that in combination with little to no exercise is a no go.

10 human foods cats can actually eat

Good news! Not only is most human food completely safe for cats, but some of them could even be good for them! Here are 10 human foods cats can eat and you can give to your cat that are completely harmless!


It comes as no surprise that chicken is first on the list of safe “human” foods for cats, it might as well be the most perfect fit. Cats love the smell of freshly cooked chicken, and the protein that chicken contains is great for them. All of the nutrients in chicken are great for maintaining healthy eyesight, a healthy reproductive system and keep the heart functioning. If your cat is leaning on the bigger side, we advise you to take the skin off first as they probably don’t need all of that extra fat in their diet anyway.


Turkey is another super great option to integrate into your cat’s diet, it is almost the same as chicken. Rotisserie turkey breast or deli slices are great options to give your cat!


Full of omega – 3 fatty acids, fish, such as tuna and salmon, is amazing for cats. The nutrients found in fish are great for eyesight as well as easing arthritis symptoms. They also stave off kidney disease and heart disorders that may occur. Cats cannot handle raw fish so only feed them cooked or canned fish.


If interested in trying it, hard cheese can be safely consumed by your cat. Cheese in general is pretty high in both protein and calcium, so it can be given to your cat in small amounts. Just make sure that your cat can handle dairy first before giving them any cheese.


Eggs are a great source of protein and B vitamins, can be safely given to your cat, and can also be found as an ingredient in many cat foods. Make sure to give them cooked eggs so that you can avoid any diseases spread by raw food.


White rice, while not certainly necessary to their diet, is safe to give to a cat. Rather giving them white rice can also help if they are having any digestive issues.


Rich in fiber, iron and protein, oats are greatly beneficial for your cat’s health overall. Using them topically also helps for any skin problems.


Cats, surprisingly, are quite the fans of leafy greens, they can easily be spotted outside munching on some grass. That being said spinach is great as it is high in vitamins and minerals. However, if your cat suffers from kidney or urinary problems it is advised to avoid feeding the spinach.


It may come as a surprise to some, but berries, such as blueberries, can also be found in certain commercial cat foods. Your cat may like to try something different, and giving them a berry snack, especially if they are frozen, is great for them. Berries are naturally rich in vitamins C and A, as well as antioxidants. However, you should limit the intake to 25 berries a day and no more.


This is one of the more common human foods that cats can eat without harmful effects. The best and most nutritious options are multigrain or wholegrain, but if you don’t have those you can safely give your cat any kind of bread that you may have lying around the house.

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