5 Human Behaviors Your Dog Can Understand

Have you noticed the way that your dog turns his head when you talk to him? Although it may seem like a cute piece of acting, that movement could actually mean that your four-legged friend understands what you’re telling him to do by the look on your face as he looks at you.

One study found that dogs make eye contact with humans and observe human body language to figure out what they are asked to do, or what they need to do in certain situations. The researchers observed various behaviors of dogs, and in each of them the dogs had similar reactions to infants that researchers have been studying before.

The scientists who conducted the research believe that dogs have acquired some human skills through evolution and association with humans. Below you can read five things your dog can understand by observing facial expressions.

Five human behaviors that dogs can understand

Have you ever been sad and then suddenly your dog came up to you and started petting you? Dogs can sense that something is wrong and at that moment they try to comfort you in some way. Their love is sincere.

When you are unfair

Research published in the magazine “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” found that dogs become anxious and fearful when they notice their owner paying more attention to another pet in the house.

When they are not your priority

If you have a baby, your dog will realize that they can no longer be the center of attention. This can cause depression in the pet, and sometimes it will even be jealous of the baby. 5 signs that your dog is sad or depressed.

When you are angry

Dogs can sense when you are angry with them and in such situations they try to make you go away by petting or staring at you with their cute puppy eyes. This can upset the dog, so when he relaxes, it’s not a bad idea to give him a treat or take him for a walk.

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When you are scared

Your dog will notice when you are acting scared. Certain races will try to protect you in that situation, while others will probably be scared themselves if they see you scared.

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