signs a dog doesn't trust you

9 Signs that Your Dog Doesn’t Trust You

Your dog follows your every move with his eyes, It hides when he sees you, and refuses food when you hand feed it – are there any other signs that your dog might be afraid of you?

If you adopted your dog from a young age and are taking good care of it, you probably won’t have any trust issues. But sometimes dogs have a hard time trusting their owners, especially if they are elderly and/or have been abused before.

It’s very important to recognize the signs that your dog doesn’t trust you, so you can change the situation. Dog experts share a few signs that could mean potential trust issues between a dog and their owner.

It does not mean that each of these behaviors is a definite sign your dog does not trust you. But if you notice multiple signs, it would be a good idea to take action to gain your dog’s trust. What signs should you pay attention to?

9 signs that indicate your dog doesn’t trust you

1. It follows your every move with a gaze

Dogs that love their owners often follow them around the house. But if the dog is following your every move with a gaze and staying away from you, it could be a sign that it doesn’t trust you or that it feels uncomfortable around you.

2. Your dog never looks you in the eye

It’s normal for a dog to turn its eyes away from their owner. After all, your relationship is based on a hierarchy where you, as an owner, are the Aplha. Sometimes, however, dogs completely ignore people they don’t trust. If the dog avoids your gaze and seems to be moving away from you every time, it is quite possible that it does not trust you.

3. The dog hides when it sees you

This is one of the more obvious signs – if a dog hides when it sees you, it is most likely afraid of you. Other signs that show a dog is afraid are the ears dropping down, the tail tucked between the legs, and sometimes shivering.

4. The dog leaves the room every time you enter

In addition to ignoring, dogs can also completely avoid people they don’t feel comfortable around. If you notice that your dog leaves the room every time you enter it, it’s time to take action.

5. He refuses the food you give him

Dogs that refuse food and dogs with poor appetite are really rare, at least dogs that are perfectly healthy. Well, if your dog doesn’t have any health problems, but doesn’t want you to hand feed it, it might be afraid of you and doesn’t trust you.

6. It’s getting bristled

If you notice that the dog curls up and bristles, this is a clear sign that he is afraid of you or feels uncomfortable.

7. The dog just looks nervous

If your dog is constantly yawning when it is not tired or it’s licking itself, this may be a sign that he is nervous around you. These behaviors are similar to moving the leg and playing with the hair in people when they are nervous.

8. It looks stiff

A dog’s body language can reveal a lot about its feelings towards you. If your dog seems to cower when it’s around you, he probably sees you as a threat.

9. It barks and growls

In some cases, when dogs are very scared, they start barking and growling at the person they see as a threat. In such situations, it is important not to provoke the dog because it may try to bite in fear.

How to gain your dog’s trust?

Fortunately, you can change your relationship with your dog.

First of all, it’s important not to be pushy and give it some time. Some dogs take longer to adapt to a new home and new owners. Over time, you’ll notice that when you ignore it for a bit, it won’t be as scared of you.

At the same time, avoid sudden movements and loud noises that can scare the dog.

You can always ask for help from a veterinarian.

Keep in mind that dogs are like people, so your dog may not want to get close to you. And, that’s totally fine.

The most important thing is that the dog feels safe and you shouldn’t blame it if he doesn’t like a lot of hugs and playing.

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