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10 of The Most Low Maintenance Dogs for Busy People

A dog is the perfect pet for virtually everyone, if they want to care for one that is. However, not every owner wants a highly energetic dog, or a dog that wants to play for hours and hours. Some dog owners don’t want to spend a large portion of their day dealing with their dog’s grooming needs.

In this article, we list the top 10 lowest maintenance dogs based on their energy level, adaptability, and grooming needs based on info from the American Kennel Club.

The 10 most low maintenance dogs

So, whether your living space is small, you are looking for a chill furry friend, or you are simply a first-time pet owner, these dog breeds below are some of the easiest ones to own and care about.

  1. Beagle

These dogs are considered one of the most low maintenance breeds you can keep. Beagles are generally known for their laid-back personality. Unfortunately, their docile nature is one of the reasons why this breed is commonly used in laboratory testing. Because of this, you can consider rescuing a former lab dog from several organizations dedicated to this such as the Beagle Rescue League, Inc.

low maintenance dogs - the beagle

They are small in size which makes them a portable breed, and with their pretty outgoing personality, they are great at making all kinds of new friends, dogs, and humans alike! They have low grooming needs since they have short coats, so brushing them a few times a week is the way to go. You don’t even have to worry about shedding, as they don’t shed a big amount.

  1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

King Charles Spaniels are known for their affectionate personality, so if you are looking for a family-oriented lap dog, then your search may just be over! This breed is happy to live just about anywhere, regardless of whether you live in an apartment or a big house, or if you have a family or not.


Even though they have silky soft coats, they do need more than just weekly brushing as far as grooming needs go, and they are low shedders as well. King Charles Spaniels are naturally calm and will enjoy doing whatever you want to do, whether that is a quick walk around the block or a nice and quiet evening watching TV on the couch.

  1. Jack Russel Terrier

The reason why Jack Russel Terriers are on this list is because they are low maintenance dogs to care for in primarily active families. If you already take long walks, jog or hike, then this lovely breed is the perfect companion for you. They love hours upon hours of play, which, if you are active, would enjoy as well.

jack russel terrier

They are not low maintenance quite in the traditional sense, but they are friendly, don’t shed a lot and are easy to groom with just occasional brushing. They are also small in size making them portable for any adventure you want to embark on.

  1. Corgi

Corgis are known for their iconic fluffy behinds, which fans of the breed just can’t get enough of. They are small and sturdily built pups, that don’t need a large space to live in, however, they do have a good amount of energy that they need to work out with regular exercise.


Corgis don’t need more than just the weekly brushing when we’re talking grooming needs. But they do shed quite a bit. When it comes to training, they are cooperative and can be the friendliest and most outgoing dogs if provided the proper socialization.

  1. Pit Bulls

Even though they are not an official breed listed by the American Kennel Club, pit bulls made this list all due to their big smiles and their people-pleasing nature! They have a natural desire to make their owners happy, and make strangers into friends, all of this makes them great companions for many families.

Pit Bulls are known for their short coats, which make grooming nice and easy. They don’t shed a lot as well. However, pit bulls are generally high-energy breeds, especially when they are young. This shouldn’t pose much of a problem since many puppies already have a lot of energy, making them not so different from the average.

  1. Greyhounds

Greyhounds, the notorious racing dog, may lead you to think that they are hard to take care of. You couldn’t be more wrong. They really are low maintenance dogs, in fact this breed might just as well be a glorified couch potato! They are gentle in nature and require minimal grooming, as their short hair won’t even pose any shedding problem.

Even though they adore lazing around with their owners, it is still very important that this breed gets enough exercise. Being a large breed, they make incredible snuggle buddies. You can even rescue a former racing Greyhound if that suits your fancy.

  1. Pug

Everyone loves this breed of dog, wrinkles and all. Pugs are loyal to a fault, which makes them even more lovable. They are a small breed which makes them not need any extra space, and a daily walk around the block can meet all of their exercise needs. They don’t need a lot as it can easily overheat them as well.

pug - really low maintenance dogs

Short coats mean a weekly brush through and bath would be enough grooming. They can both be social butterflies or lazy bugs watching TV with their owners, which is as low maintenance as it gets.

  1. Chihuahuas

Who doesn’t look at the sassy, but sweet chihuahua and thinks “I want one right now!”? This small breed will be comfortable in any living space and are easy to take care of.


Chihuahuas are low maintenance as they do not need a lot to meet their exercise needs, as well as their grooming needs. Just make sure to treat them as the dog they are, rather than an accessory, to avoid them developing a “Napoleon Syndrome”. They should be made aware that they cannot get away with any bad behavior, such as snarling, lunging, or biting, no matter how cute they are. Other than that, you’re set to go.

  1. Labrador Retriever

Labradors are the American Kennel Club’s top most popular breed for over two decades, and they do deserve that spot. They spark joy in people, and are versatile enough so they can be the perfect fit for any family or environment, just as long as they are loved and cared for.


However, keep in mind that these are very high energy pups and they need daily exercise at least. They do have a mouthy stage when they are young as well. Labs shed a lot as well, but weekly brushing and the occasional bath can combat this and fit their grooming needs. The people that are going to put a little work in will in turn have a loving and loyal companion for both them and their children, if they have any. And if you are worried about the puppy phase, consider rescuing an adult Labrador or even a Lab mix.

  1. Rescue or Adopt a Shelter Pup!

This can cover a wide variety of temperaments, genetics, needs, and energy levels, however, this does not make it any less of a viable option for first time pet owners.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a specific thing for your furry friend, required living space, energy levels, short or long coat… You can find all of that and more in a rescue or shelter dog. If you have a bit of patience and an open mind, you might just find the perfect dog for you or your family at your local shelter. You will be saving a life, as well.

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