How to Choose the Perfect Dog for Your Lifestyle

When choosing their first pet, many dog owners decide to adopt a dog solely on the appearance or popularity of the breed, at the time of the adopting.

But professional dog trainers and experts suggest paying attention to other features. They believe that everyone will be happy when the dog’s needs match the owner’s lifestyle. There are so many dog breeds and every dog deserves a good home.

How to choose your dog to suit your lifestyle ?

Below, there’s a list of several dogs and the environment they can easily able to fit in.

Guard dogs

If you want your dog to take care of your property, you should probably consider a Rottweiler, Doberman or a German Shepherd. These breeds are natural guardians, so they do not trust strangers and will protect your property.

Rottweiler in grass

Breeds that will not suit you: Golden Retrievers, because these dogs are too friendly and would greet any thief by turning their tail.

Family dogs

This is where the Labrador or Golden Retriever will be invincible because they love children and are always ready to play. And nothing makes them happier than running after the ball. If these breeds are too big for you, get a Beagle.


Breeds that will not suit you: Pekingese, because this breed prefers to be the only child in the family.

Athletic dogs

If you go for a run every morning and need a trainer, consider the English Pointer, the Dalmatian or the Setter, as they are born to run. If you want something a little smaller, the Jack Russell Terrier may be a good choice. Here are the best dogs for runners.


Breeds that will not suit you: English Bulldogs or boxers or any other large and heavy breed.

A lap dog

If you need a petting friend while reading a book or watching a movie on the couch then a French Bulldog or Maltese Poodle would be perfect for you. Here are the best small calm dog breeds.


Breeds that will not suit you: Any breed that needs activity.

Dogs for busy singles

Dogs are generally social animals. But some breeds are more suitable for being left alone at home than others. If you plan to keep your dog often alone at home, the best choice for you is Shar-Pei or Basset.

Breeds that will not suit you: Retrievers or Collies, because they are constantly looking for company.

Dog for elderly people

If you are retired and want to get a pet a good option would be the Boston Terrier, Pug or Cavalier Spaniel of King Charles. They are affectionate and playful without requiring hours of exercise.

Breeds that will not suit you: Larger dogs, because they are very active and require a lot of attention and exercise.

A dog for the apartment

Surprisingly, size does not always matter – temperament does. If the dog is small, it does not necessarily mean that he will be happy to live in an apartment. Consider getting a Yorkshire Terrier or a Bulldog. Here are the 5 best apartment dogs for people with small homes.


Breeds that will not suit you: Chihuahuas, because although they are small, they are very active.

Household dog that gets along with different pets

If you already have pets at home, you need to choose the breed carefully, because you certainly want your pets to get along. Retriever, Spaniel and Collie are always happy to have company to play with.


Breeds that will not suit you: Terriers or “fighter dogs”, they have wonderful personalities, but it is in their nature to be competitive.

Dogs that can tolerate hot weather

Most of us love summer, but not all dogs will agree with you. Surprisingly, many short-haired dogs would seriously struggle in a tropical climate, as it depends not only on the fur but also on the structure of the face and the size. Terriers are best endured on hot days.


Breeds that will not suit you: Bernardine, Samoyed, Husky, Malamute.

Dogs that can tolerate cold weather

Breeds that prefer colder climates usually have a thick double layer of fur and more body fat. As expected, a good choice is Alaskan Malamute, Husky or Samoyed.


Breeds that will not suit you: The Doberman pincher hates the cold.

If you are adopting a dog for the first time

If you are a new dog owner, then Labrador, Collie, or Poodle will be perfect for you. These breeds are very intelligent, relatively easy to train and are not stubborn. Here is a list of the best dog breeds for first time owners.


Breeds that will not suit you: Schnauzer or Terrier, because they require more patience.

Hypoallergenic dogs

If you are allergic to dog hair, it does not mean that you can not have a dog. Dandruff, which is attached to a pet’s fur, is the most common cause of pet allergies, and Schnauzer may be a good choice because they are known to produce less dandruff than other breeds. Another good option is a poodle and poodle mixes. Here is a complete list of the best hypoallergenic dogs. And if you happen to be a cat person, here are 10 best hypoallergenic cat breeds for people with allergies.


Breeds that will not suit you: German Shepherd, because of their dry skin, can have a lot of dandruff as well as other long-haired breeds.

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