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The Most Expensive Dog Breed In The World

Instead of adopting, some owners decide to buy a pet. The most expensive dog ever sold in the world is a Golden Tibetan Mastiff for which a Chinese individual spent a staggering 2 million dollars. At the time of the sale, the puppy weighed 90 kilograms and stood 80 centimeters tall.

The term “mastiff” was used by Europeans for all large dog breeds, including this breed, which is actually the Tibetan or Himalayan mountain dog. It originates from the nomadic cultures of Tibet, China, India, Mongolia, and Nepal.

As the name suggests, the breed comes from Tibet, where (including the Himalayan region) it was used as a livestock guardian dog and also for the protection of its owner’s home. Until the mid-20th century, the breed, also known as “Do Khyi” in Europe, was virtually unknown, and it is thanks to European breeders that it did not become extinct.

There are several legends about its origin. One of them suggests that the Tibetan Mastiff arrived in Central Asia following Attila the Hun. Another legend claims that the Tibetan Mastiff is the “Dog of the Gods” because it represents a transformation of a Tibetan monk into a dog.

After the spectacular sale for 2 million dollars, breeders began to raise these dogs, but it was found that they are very expensive to maintain.

The most expensive dog breed in the world, the Tibetan Mastiff is not a dog for everyone because its socialization takes a lot of time.

This breed is considered one of the healthiest dog breeds, considering that throughout the process of evolution, it has been resistant to most of the diseases that affect dogs.

An incredible fact is that during their lifetime, in most cases, this dog breed does not suffer from any illness, which is why they are classified as very healthy animals.

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