Things You Should Never Do to Your Dog

8 Things You Should Never Do to Your Dog

Dogs are true, in every sense of the word, man’s best friend. I mean, they can make us laugh, and keep us company so that we never feel alone. All in all, they just make life better and worth living for. Some people even argue that everyone should own at least one dog at any point in life.

Even though taking care of a dog is no walk in the park, it is still extremely worth it considering the fact that for all that work you are putting in, you are given back a heap of affection and unconditional love.

Giving the proper love and care to a dog will make them happier and strengthen the bond that you two share. This also means that you need to know what to do and what not to do as a pet owner.

Sure, there are some that all dog lovers know when it comes to giving their pets the required love, food, and shelter. But there are also some things that you don’t and should never do to your dogs, and we have them listed for you below.

Here are 8 things you should never do to your dog

  1. Never leave them alone in the car for too long

Leaving them in the car for too long not only does it put them at risk of getting stolen, but it also leaves them susceptible to dangerous temperatures, meaning that whether it is too hot or too cold, it could have a severe and devastating effect on them, even if you have the windows cracked open. Here is how you can prevent and treat heatstroke in dogs.

  1. Always make sure you have the proper collar

If you notice that your pup’s collar is getting a bit too snug, then invest in a new one immediately. Each and every dog breed has its own specific requirements when it comes to getting a new collar.

Some dogs need a harness around their chest while others simply need a collar that sits around their neck, make sure to ask your vet about the details and ensure that it is the perfect size for your pup.

  1. Do not share dangerous food with your dog ever

Do not, and I repeat, do not give in to those precious puppy dog eyes and give your pet a few bites off of what you are eating as many human foods can potentially be dangerous for the dog.

So, next time, before you sneak your dog some leftovers from dinner, make sure to do some research beforehand about which food is safe and healthy for dogs to eat and which food is dangerous.

  1. Do not let your dog lead you when you are walking it

Every time you take your dog out on a walk, make sure that you are the one leading them, and not the other way around. The dog has to be walking beside you or following your lead.

Worst case scenario if your dog runs out in front of you it can get hit by oncoming traffic. So, if your dog is exhibiting some bossy behavior, buy a shorter leash and work on training them to follow your lead only.

  1. Never overfeed your dog

Even though treats are a great way to reward your dog for their good behavior, make sure you are not overfeeding them as it can lead to various health problems. Keep an eye on that scale when it comes to ensuring that your furry companion is at a healthy weight!

  1. Don’t forget about their dental hygiene.

A dog’s dental hygiene is just as important as anything else. Many dogs can develop dental diseases and certain tooth infections that can go unnoticed and untreated.

It is crucial that you make sure that your veterinarian checks your dog’s teeth every time that you visit. They need to be cleaned thoroughly as well!

  1. Never use their crate as a punishment tactic

Dogs should know that their crate is a place for comfort and enjoyment. Sending them to their crate once they’ve done something wrong will end up being counterproductive and will only confuse them, making training more difficult than it should be.

  1. Do not avoid trips to the vet.

Vets can be expensive, we understand that, but they can be crucial to your pet’s health and even their life. All dogs should have regular trips to the vet for check ups.

If your dog gets sick, take it to the vet immediately, don’t try to diagnose it yourself, that’s what the professionals are for.

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