Is it Safe For Dogs To Eat Cinnamon ?

Has your dog ever got into your spice rack, or has it begged for those delicious cinnamon rolls that you just brought home from the bakery? If so, they you have probably wondered, and sometimes in a panic, can dogs actually eat cinnamon?

Most people know by now that certain foods, such as chocolate and grapes can be extremely toxic to our canine friends, so it would make sense that we would worry about foods and spices such as cinnamon as well.

Is cinnamon toxic to dogs?

Well, the good news is that cinnamon is not in any way toxic to dogs! Your dog will not have to suffer any fatal toxic effects from eating too much cinnamon, however, this does mean that you should be sprinkling some on their kibble either.

It is warned by the Pet Poison Helpline that cinnamon and cinnamon oils can cause some skin and digestive irritation and sensitization in both pets and people, and especially when consumed in larger quantities at a time.

The following all offer opportunities for indigestion:

  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Cinnamon rolls
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Cinnamon essential oils etc. etc.

If a dog chews on a cinnamon stick, and consumes ground cinnamon or cinnamon essential oil, then it is a surefire way to cause irritation in the dog’s mouth, while inhaling cinnamon powder can cause a dog to have difficulty breathing, cough, and even choke.

But how much is too much cinnamon for your dog to eat?

The Pet Poison Helpline says that it takes more than a mere one teaspoon of powder to irritate and cause problems for most pets, even though essential oils can cause problems in lower dosages, and dogs that are smaller tend to be sensitive to smaller amounts of cinnamon compared to larger breeds. This helpline also cautions that a large cinnamon overdose can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, low blood sugar, changes in the dog’s heart rate, and even liver disease.

What to do if your dog ate cinnamon

There is no need to panic if your dog has consumed a large amount of cinnamon. However, you definitely should call your vet as soon as possible. We stated that cinnamon is not fatal to dogs, but the side effects of ingesting too much cinnamon can bring about discomfort, and your vet may also have some additional concerns and suggestions to help your dog to recover from their spicy treat.

Are dogs able to eat any cinnamon baked goods?

Just a little bit of cinnamon, such as the amount that is used in most baked goods, is not, in most cases, going to hurt your dog. With that being said, feeding your dog any baked good is not a good idea.

These foods that are high in sugar, fat, and unnecessary calories can lead to obesity, diabetes, and even complications like pancreatitis for example. Some baked goods are known to contain xylitol as a sweetener, which is extremely toxic to dogs!

However, if you do so choose to give your dog some baked goods with cinnamon as a treat, only give them small amounts on a pretty irregular basis, and make sure that it does not contain any other potentially toxic or harmful ingredients such as xylitol, chocolate, or raisins.

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Can dogs eat nutmeg ?

Cinnamon may not be particularly toxic to dogs, but another common baking spice, nutmeg to be specific, can have toxic effects. Both nutmeg and cinnamon are commonly used together in recipes, and nutmeg contains myristicin, which is a toxic component.

A dog consuming myristicin can lead to it having hallucinations, an increased heart rate, disorientation, a higher blood pressure, dry mouth, abdominal pain, and in some cases seizures.

The symptoms can last up to a whopping 48 hours; however, the good news is that it takes very large quantities of nutmeg to cause problems for a dog, making the small amount that is used in baking goods generally safe. Worst case scenario – if your dog consumes a large amount of nutmeg on accident, immediately call your veterinarian and keep a closer eye on it.

What are the health benefits of eating cinnamon?

While cinnamon does have a variety of health benefits for people, even if those beliefs haven’t been proven, the same can’t be said for dogs. There are no proven health benefits that cinnamon can provide for them, unfortunately.

So, if you want to give some cinnamon as a supplement for your dog, consult with your vet first about the possible risks and the potential benefits it may have. You can also consider exploring some other supplements with proven health benefits to help your dog.

So, yes, dogs can eat cinnamon in small quantities, but it is neither necessary nor recommended if you want to completely avoid any complications.


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