abandoned dog tied to a firehydrant

Dog found tied to a fire hydrant after owners couldn’t take care of her anymore

Abandoning a pet is a heartbeaking act. The owner who abandons their pet is responsible to, at least, find a new home or take the pet to a shelter if they cannot take care of it. Leaving it outside is absolutely not a way to abandon your pet.

One such upsetting viral poto shows a dog that has been abandoned and left tied to a fire hydrant by her previous owner.

The dog was found abandoned and tied to a fire hydrant in Green Bay, prompting the Wisconsin Humane Society to remind everyone it will never turn away an animal in need.

The dog had a note with her explaining the owners could not take care of her anymore. Next to the dog was a backpack full of the dog’s treats, toys and food.

While it’s clear the owners had their reasons for leaving the dog, this is still shocking and absolutely not a way to leave your pet. It was also a shock for Kyle Rose Engelhardt, a local woman who found the dog, named “Baby Girl”, and shared the story on Facebook.

She said seeing Baby Girl like this broke her heart: “Cannot believe someone could do this,” she wrote, asking if anyone recognized the abandoned dog.


Kylie called the police and took Baby Girl to the Wisconsin Humane Society, who took the poor dog into their care and say that she is now “doing great” while in stray hold.

Baby Girl is now being cared for at the WHS, and she’s “doing great.”

WHS Facebook post says in part:

“While we’ll never let fees be a barrier and we welcome anonymous surrenders, we see that you did what you thought was best for your beloved pup and we are grateful for your compassion. Rest assured that she’s safe, she’s getting tons of attention from our team, and she’s on track to find her next loving family very soon. We wish you all the best and hope that if you see this, you can rest a little easier knowing your Baby Girl has a bright future ahead.”

We hope Baby Girl is doing well and finds a better home situation soon.

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