After 477 Days In Shelter This Gentle Giant Finds His Home

Dog shelters have so many dogs for you to chose from. While they are cute we can’t walk out with the whole shelter in our hands. That is why some dogs at the shelter take longer to be adopted than others.

But ultimately even the dogs that stay at the shelter the longest find forever homes. Just like Alexander here who got adopted after previously staying for more than 450 days at the Wags and Walks shelter centered in Los Angeles. KABC stated that the reason Alexander ended up there was because he was rescued from another shelter that was over crowded also no to mention his life was at risk there!

In the paperwork it was said that Alexander was a shepherd/doberman mix that was around 3 years old and weighing at about 80 pounds. Although the shelter thinks he has “some dane” in him that’s why he was often described as a “gentle giant.”

image credit : Wags and Walks

Alexander, according to Wags and Walks, is a nice, joyful dog that is always wagging his tail and has “never met a human that he didn’t adore.” He’s also “extremely love oriented,” and he’s getting better and better on his leash skills.

Regardless, no one wanted to adopt Alexander. According to KABC, nearly 800 dogs found homes during his shelter stay, despite the fact that Alexander was always passed over.

“Seeing our lovely and magnificent Alexander sit and wait for that period of time through no fault of their own has been incredibly challenging and painful for all of us here at Wags,” said Chloe Esperiquette, development manager at Wags and Walks.

And now that that long 15 month wait has officially ended. On January 27th, Wags and Walks revealed that Alexander has been adopted!

Wags and Walks wrote that they were very thankful for the community and support they have gotten and they are beyond happy that in fact someone wanted their Alexander after spending 477 days patiently waiting for his loving family to show up one day.

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