Brave Turkish Vet Saves a Canine Family From Landslide

A Turkish vet saved the life of a dog and almost her entire litter of puppies after digging them out of a landslide with his bare hands.

Soner Buyumez was working on a farm in a remote region of Turkey shortly after the landslide earlier this month when he heard an animal howling for help.

The vet ran to the landslide site and soon came across a stray dog ‚Äč‚Äčthat was buried in a small hole, up to its neck in dirt, unable to move.
“I saw a dog trapped in the ground. Only her head remained above the soil,” said Buyumez, adding that the animal was in considerable trouble.

Scratching at the dirt with his bare hands and a small shovel, the hero vet was able to pull the mother dog to safety, no doubt saving her from a slow and painful death.

But the dog continued to howl after being freed despite being unharmed, leading Buyumez and a colleague to suspect another animal may have been caught in the sudden landslide.

The two colleagues continued digging for more than two hours until they managed to free a total of eight cubs, believed to be the stray dog’s entire litter.

One of the dogs unfortunately died, but the mother was eventually reunited with seven healthy and strong little furballs, thanks to the quick thinking and hard work of Buyumez and his colleague.

Fortunately, the puppies will no longer have to fend for themselves, as the vet has stated that he will take them in and take care of them personally.

“Their general condition is very good. The mother and her puppies are protected and healthy, I will take care of them as my own.”

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