Dog Found “Cemented” to the Sidewalk Now On the Road to Recovery

It is always heart breaking when you find dogs in poor conditions and they are left to the kindness of people passing by in hopes they have the heart and time to save them. Thankfully that was the case with this dog that was found cemented to the sidewalk.

Tri-County Humane in Boca Raton, Florida, provided the tale. On January 23, they reported that a dog, thought to be a 10-year-old Pekingese mix, had been discovered “totally attached to the sidewalk” and in critical condition.

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It was reported that the dog had a nauseating odor coming out of it and this case was no accident. This dog theoretically had to have been there for more then one day and then questions started popping up such as “How long had that been going on? How much time does he have? “Did he arrive on time?”

They claim it took them nearly an hour to get him up off the sidewalk, veterinarian Dr. Julia Sheehan told WPBF.  He had been stuck there. They realized they had to help this unfortunate puppy after seeing his obvious neglect and cruelty. They called the dog Trooper in honor of his bravery.

It was a good thing that they got Trooper out of that mess because upon further examination it was found that he had maggots in his fur, overgrown nails, and tooth degradation, as well as 22 medical issues including paralysis, heart murmurs, and ocular ulcers.

Faced with the enormous expense of his medical procedures, they turned to their followers for help in organizing a fundraiser. As of this writing, 472 people had contributed more than $18,000 via Facebook.

Even though Trooper had so many health issues he was a fighter. Trooper began his rehabilitation journey. In a subsequent post, the rescue published a photo of Trooper with a wide smile on his face, a far cry from how he was discovered.

Tri-County Humane Society updated the people who were following Troopers story saying that he was on the road to recovery (in one post he had a smile on his face) as well as thanking people for the overwhelming love and support Trooper had gotten.

According to Dr. Sheehan, the dog’s prognosis is “outstanding.” The rescuer stated in an Instagram video that he was “growing stronger everyday.”

It’s unclear who Trooper belonged to previously or how he got into such a horrible situation, but it’s apparent that he’s now getting the attention and love he so rightfully deserves.

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