Cat Missing For 11 Years is Now Reunited With Her Owner

In a heartwarming reunion, a woman has been joyously reconnected with her long-lost pet cat after a staggering 11 years since reporting her missing. The feline in question, Daisy, disappeared shortly after her owner, Sian Sexton, relocated to the Caerphilly area from Dorset back in 2012.

The unexpected twist in this feline saga unfolded when Ms. Sexton received an unforeseen phone call from a Caerphilly vet, informing her that a cat, microchipped to her, had been brought into the clinic.

Expressing her astonishment, the 43-year-old recounted the surprising turn of events. Daisy, it appeared, had been leading a life as a stray in Caerphilly for over a decade before concerned locals, worried about her health, took her to the vet.

The once-vanished cat was found in a state of disarray, with severely matted fur and suffering from cat flu. Detailing Daisy’s condition, Ms. Sexton noted the feline’s bouts of sneezing and wheezing, expressing gratitude that the compassionate individuals who brought her in were concerned about her well-being.

At 17 years old, Daisy, coincidentally the same age as her sister Dory who remained in Ms. Sexton’s care, is now responding positively to medication.

Reflecting on the surreal turn of events, Ms. Sexton marveled at Daisy’s resilience and survival instincts throughout the years as a stray. With Daisy in her golden years, Ms. Sexton hopes the feline can now spend the remainder of her days in comfort with her loving family.


Once Daisy regains her health, the plan is to reunite her with her sister Dory and introduce her to the other two feline residents in the household, Tillie and Sparkle. Ms. Sexton eagerly anticipates the intriguing prospect of the cats recognizing each other after such a prolonged separation.

Describing Daisy as remarkably affectionate despite her years of feral living, Ms. Sexton is optimistic about the prospect of a happy reunion. However, with plans to relocate to Bridgend soon, she jokingly acknowledged that Daisy might have to adjust to being an indoor cat to prevent any future disappearances.

In summary, this heartening reunion story highlights the enduring bond between pets and their owners, showcasing the resilience and adaptability of a cat who, after more than a decade, has found her way back to the warmth of a caring home.

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