Dog Waits 4 Years In The Same Spot For Owners Who Lost Him

We have heard many times that dogs are man’s best friends, but also the most loyal pets. A dog from Thailand proved it to the whole world, and the way it did it is truly amazing.

A man from Thailand noticed a weak dog sitting at the end of the road, so he started asking the locals about him. What he discovered was that a local woman fed the dog every day.

She told him that she brought him food in the hope that he would come with her, however, every time he followed her to her house, he ran away the next day and returned to the same place. The dog, which the locals called Leo, sits by the roadside every day waiting for its owners. This has been going on for 4 years, and he is not giving up on his mission.

Fortunately, the dog’s family was found thanks to stories and pictures of Leo shared on social media. They contacted the guy who posted the pictures and told him that Leo looked like BonBon – the dog they lost four years ago. The family tried to search for their dog after realizing it was missing, but were unable to find it and assumed the worst.

Even when his owners found him again, BonBon decided to stay at his place where he is often visited. He was happy to see his family, but surprisingly he did not want to follow them home. He seemed to have decided to stay with the woman who had cared for him for the past four years. The family promised to help take care of BonBon, come visit and pay the vet bills.

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