This Dog Was Left Alone With a Juicy Pork-chop. His Reaction Is Priceless

A golden retriever named Tucker became a hit on the Internet after his owner Linda posted a video in which she put her pet to the test.

Linda put a juicy piece of pork on the table, while her dog Tucker was watching and licking his lips. Linda then got a phone call and left the room and left the meal on the table. Before leaving the room, she ordered her dog not to eat it. Tucker at first looked confused, smelled the meat, but did not eat it.

Poor Tucker looked like he could barely control himself.

Then one of her other dogs, Todd, joined him. The dogs became more and more impatient and eventually “gave in” to temptation. Todd was faster, so Tucker was left without a tasty piece of meat.

The video has been posted on YouTube and has been viewed more than four million times so far.

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