A Dog’s Final Act Of Pure Love For Her Best Friend Will Bring Tears In Your Eyes

This is the story of two dogs who loved each other with such tenderness that even death couldn’t shatter their union.

Gaspar was a sweet-natured, fun-loving dog who lived a peaceful and happy life among those whom he loved the most, including his owner Marcelo Rodríguez. Sadly, Gaspar recently passed away from kidney failure, with the comforting presence of his family right beside him until the very end.

Overwhelmed by grief, Rodríguez posted a touching online tribute to his beloved dog, thanking him for all the years of loyal and loving company and reminiscing about the special times they shared.

“You taught me countless things without saying a single word. Thank you for all this time of company”, he wrote.

Gaspar, “the dog that lived”, as his owner affectionately called him, presumably because of his peculiar and difficult start in life, was a huge fan of good music, good food and good friends.

And one of his best friends was Kaya, the dog owned by Rodríguez’s mother. The two pups enjoyed loads of fun together every weekend, and were so happy to see each other every single time. Everyone was able to notice the special, soul-warming bond they shared, as they endlessly wiggled their tails in unison.

So it was only natural that Kaya became visibly heartbroken and lonely when her soulmate passed away. Yet no one could foresee what she would do about it. Without needing any words at all, Kaya went on to give Gaspar the most touching tribute possible.

After Gaspar was laid to rest in Rodríguez’s backyard, she still strongly felt the presence of her old friend in the backyard that now held his forever resting place.

So in one final act of love and remembrance, Kaya settled on top of his grave and spent an entire morning curled up in silent mourning, while a teary-eyed Marcelo captured the scene on camera.

Many people were deeply moved by this simple yet powerful gesture. Rodríguez’s post about Kaya’s gentle devotion to Gaspar quickly went viral, collecting well over 100 thousand likes and retweets.

In the words of the celebrated philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer: “Whoever has never kept dogs does not know what it is to love and be loved”.

And we couldn’t agree more.

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