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Flossie (26) Is Officially The Oldest Cat in The World

Flossie the cat (26) from Orpington is recognized as the oldest living cat in the world. The owner says she has health issues but is still playful.

The Guinness Book of Records declared the cat Flossie (26) from Orpington (south-east London) as the oldest living cat in the world. They stated that her age, in human years, is 120 years.

Owner Vicki Green described her pet as a special and sweet cat. Flossie has a vision problem and is deaf, but she is still playful. Vicky said that she got her pet from the “Cats Protection” association, the BBC reports.


“I knew from the very beginning that Flossie was a special cat. But I didn’t think I’d be sharing my home with someone from the Guinness Book of Records. She is very nice, playful and sweet, especially when I remember how old she is,” emphasizes the owner.

The Guinness Book of World Records said Flossie was living in a cat shelter near a Merseyside hospital when two staff members gave her a home.

After that, Flossie and her first owner lived together for ten years until she died, and Flossie was taken over by her sister who lived with the cat for another 14 years, until the last day of the lady.

In the end, the cat ended up with Mrs. Green, because she had experience in caring for older cats, the BBC reports.

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