10-Week-Old Puppy Left in a Garbage Can Finds a New Home

When it comes to owning a dog a lot of people will tell you that they can take care of one. But it’s not always that easy. A dog is a living creature just like all of us, it has a mind of it’s own.

And when the going gets tough what do some people do? Leave them in the dumpster or near by a trash can of course. As heartbreaking ass it may sound, yes it is a reality for most abandoned dogs.

Like this recent case of a 10 week old puppy. The story starts us off with a post being published on Facebook by Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center stating that a City of Columbus employee had been working at a local park when suddenly his work was interrupted by strange cries coming from a garbage can near him.

Upon further investigation he had found what was causing all that noise. At the very bottom of garbage can there was Oscar. A little 10 week old puppy presumably abandoned by his previous owner.

Poor Oscar had been immediately transported to Franklin County Dog Shelter by Deputy Jones of the Franklin County Department of Animal Care and Control so it could get the proper treatment it deserved.

While this story is very upsetting to read about, thankfully it has a happy ending.

The shelter in which Oscar had arrived in recently hosted a very successful “clear the shelter” event, where over 200 dogs got to find their forever homes including our dear Oscar. His new loving family even sent a photo to the shelter with Oscar looking as happy as ever in it.

Even though this story has a happy ending it serves as a reminder to all of us, that it is okay to adopt a dog from a shelter. Realistically looking at it, it’s a win – win for both sides.

Firstly, the shelter will have more space to keep other dogs that need a roof over their heads and take care of them, instead of the dogs mindlessly wondering the streets cold and afraid.

Secondly, you will have a new loving companion that you’ve always wanted, plus it’s cheaper than getting a dog from a breeder.

To end this story on an even lovelier note, Franklin County Dog Shelter have put out a statement thanking the people for their solidarity and compassion they have shown not only to the dogs but to them as well because now a lot of homeless dogs including Oscar are living a happier and healthier lives in their new warm and loving homes.

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