Cockatiels Make Great Pets

Are Cockatiels Loud Birds ?

Birds are popular among pet owners because they are friendly and loyal companions. These beautiful creatures can enrich your life in many ways. However before adopting a bird you should ask yourself – are peace and quiet important to you ? Because birds can be loud and noisy.

They can fly around, make noise and even talk and say a few words. However, not all birds species are loud. In this article we’re going to discuss about cockatiels and how loud they are.

So, are cockatiels really loud ?

Not particularly, no. They are not different than any other bird. All pet owners need to acknowledge that all birds are noisy to some extent. Cockatiels make noise and are full of energy. However compared to other larger parrot species such as macaws, they are not that noisy.

So, it all depends on how you define noisy. But if you want to keep a parrot you can’t expect it to be silent. If you’re okay with some noise than parrots might be for you. Here are the best pet birds for beginner keepers.

It’s very normal for birds to be loud and noisy, simply because they communicate with sounds. If you expect to keep a silent bird pet, than cockatiels are definitely not for you. If you’re considering which parrot it’s the best for you, cockatiels are a good option if you are ready to deal with some noise.

Are Cockatiels Loud During The Day?

Cockatiels will be most active during daytime, so this is also the period in which they will make noise. It’s a known fact that birds and especially parrot species such as cockatiels have the habit of chatting, in the wild this is what keeps their social life active and this is how they communicate with other birds.

If you have just one cockatiel, there probably will not be so much noise. However, if you have more than one you can expect chatting. Cockatiels are very communicative and they will be chirping even with their owners.

You can expect that they will have a need during the day so you should be prepared for this. During this period of the day you can not expect peace and quiet. However, cockatiels are very small and if you have a big apartment than the noise will not be so loud.

Give them some space to express themselves and maybe they will make noise when you will be at work. Chatting with them can also be a good idea, as this can be a good way to create a strong bond with your cockatiel.

So, are cockatiels loud during the day? Yes, they will make noise during the day but by parrot standards that is not that loud.

Are Cockatiels Loud During The Night?

No, cockatiels are not loud during the night. During this period they should be sleeping and not make noise. However, it they become active at night and start to make noise this might indicate that something is wrong with your parrot. They usually get overactive at night when they are overstimulated. If you’re parrot is suffering of stress and is overwhelmed they are likely to be more noisy.

So, if your cockatiel is active and energetic at night, you may want to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to check what’s causing your parrot stress. In the meantime find ways to comfort your parrot and make everything you can to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your home. If the atmosphere in your home is calming this should help your parrot release the stress.

Are Cockatiels Too Loud for an Apartment?

This depends on the size of the apartment, but in general cockatiels are not too loud for an apartment. The noise they make is not that loud and it shouldn’t bother your neighbors. However if you have a bunch of cockatiels they usually communicate with each other during the day and they can get very loud. But one or two cockatiels will probably not get very loud.

Cockatiels can get very loud when they are in distress. They start to fly around and can get very vocal. In this kind of situation you should try to calm the bird and identify what’s causing them stress.

How Can I Keep My Cockatiel Quiet?

Is your cockatiel too loud and you do not know how to calm them down? The problem might be that your cockatiel is overwhelmed and overstimulated. In some cases cockatiels can get overstimulated by the daylight. They may lose sleep and get overly active during the night period.

Consequently, they become more loud because they are in distress. One thing you can do is to put a blanket over the cage at night. This can help them get adapted to the day/night cycle more quickly. The blanket will also protect the cage from light coming from the street lights (if there are any around).

Darkness will help your parrot calm down and don’t get over-stimulated. Keep in mind that noises in the house can upset your parrot as well, and they can get vocal about it. Birds can get over-stimulated by the sounds in the house coming from the TV, radio of your computer.

One thing you can do is to use headphones more frequently, so you don’t disturb your cockatiel often. As long as your provide a healthy and calming environment for your cockatiel, they will not be excessively noisy.

If they are not under stress during the day cockatiels will sleep during the night and won’t make noise. So, if you’re considering adopting a cockatiel for a pet you can expert a nice and friendly companion. They will chirp and chatter during the day but nothing too loud like a macaw.

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