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How To Teach Your Parrot To Talk

You probably know that parrots have the ability to imitate human speech and have an amazing talent for vocalization. This is the reason why most people decide to keep a parrot as a pet as the parrot’s ability to “talk” makes it possible to establish a deeper connection between them and the owner.

This parrot’s ability sets them apart from other pets and makes them a sought-after companion. However, not all parrots speak and you will probably need to devote time and energy to teach your parrot to talk.

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Some parrots are better mimics than others, so you’ll need to establish your parrots’ speech abilities and practice  accordingly. Keep on reading as we’ll discuss in this article how you can teach your parrot to start talking.

Here’s how to teach you parrot to start talking

Get To Know Your Bird

Keep in mind that teaching your bird to pick up words is a long and complicated process and you will need to be patient. Some parrots are better at vocalizing words than others, so you will need to be patient and form reasonable expectations.

Of course, this is a process that will allow you to form a bond with your pet friend and creating a strong bond should be the thing you should focus most on.

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The thing is although all birds have the ability to vocalize words not all choose to use this ability. Do a little research and find out whether your bird’s breed is a good candidate for speech training. Don’t set your expectations too high and don’t expect your parrot to say more than it is capable of.

The easiest way to encourage parrots to start talking is to pick a few short words and focus on repeating them consistently in front of your feathered companion. Pick simple and short words such as “hello”, “parrot”, “bye-bye”.

You can also try using your name or even your bird’s name. Make sure you put some vibe in the process, be energetic and enthusiastic while you say these words. Parrots seem to love simple words that are said with enthusiasm, they seem to pick up the emotion. So, when you speak with your bird, always keep a positive, happy tone.

Watch how your bird reacts to the words you’ve chosen. If you pay close attention you’ll be able to spot which words catch your parrot’s attention. Repeat these words consistently and use a positive tone of voice.

Repeat the Word or Phrase as Often as Possible so Your Parrot Starts Talking

Once you discover a word that  your feathered friend is interested in, repeat this word as often as you can. Parrots usually start talking through repetition so you will need to be very patient and consistent.

Repeat the word over and over again as this is the only way you can encourage your parrot to mimic this word. The best way to teach your parrot to speak is to talk to them directly, however not all pet owners have enough time to practice speech training regularly.

That’s why most pet parents decide to use additional teaching tools such as tape recorders and CDs. Or you can just play the TV for your bird. These tools can speed up the learning process so use them whenever you can. However, they are not a substitute for one-on-interactions.

Set Up A Routine And Be Patient

If you want fast results, you’ll need to set up a training routine and work regularly with your bird. However, this doesn’t guarantee anything. Some birds just don’t like talking and if this is the case with your parrot as well you’ll need to set your expectations low.

There are birds that can pick up human speech just by listening but there are others that need months or even years to say their first word. There are also birds that never talk to owners and get irritated when they are forced to speak. If you started training with your bird and you feel as if it takes too long, try teaching your bird something easier like whistling.

Whistling is easier for some birds and most birds do try to mimic whistling as this is much easier for them. If you put enough love, devotion and practice over time your bird will probably start speaking or at least learn to mimic a few words. Pay close attention to your bird and you will notice that they are very vocal creatures.

During the day they usually imitate sounds from the surroundings such as telephones, doorbells and buzzers. Don’t feel discouraged if your bird is not mimicking any speech. In some cases it can take months or years before the bird starts speaking.

So for your parrot to start talking, you should keep the interaction and the speech training active as they will help you strengthen the bond with your pet. After all, interacting and practicing with your pet can be the most beautiful part of owning a parrot.

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