(Video) Golden retriever caught stealing breakfast, does not want to admit guilt

Some time ago we wrote about a golden retriever who was left alone with a juicy pork-chop on the table. The video was hilarious. This time, we have Sally, a golden retriever who was recently caught in a crime, and the video of his “crime” has given social media users a good laugh. Sally tried to “hide” what he did and did not want to “admit” the crime.

His owner shared a video on TikTok showing Sally trying to hide the waffle he stole from the table and not letting go, even when the owner tried to take it from him.

“Did you steal the waffle?” Did you?” his owner asks him, but Sully decides to play innocent, much to the delight of Tiktokers.

“Which waffle?” I don’t see any waffle!”, “Defend yourself with silence”, “No and you can’t prove it”, “I am his lawyer, he is innocent”, “He deserves all the waffles in the world”, are some of the comments under the video.


Sully the breakfast bandit #goldenretriever #alwaysstealingmyfood

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