12 Pictures That Show Just a Regular Day at the Vet’s Office

Veterinarians are people with a huge heart. In their hearts is a place for everyone: a kitten, a puppy, a bird… They help animals without hesitation, and if necessary, they will gladly shelter a four-legged patient at their home.

We decided to show you what happens on a daily basis in a veterinarians office and what their day is filled with.

Here’s what they look forward to, what they are proud of and what they celebrate in 12 pictures.

1. “Our chicks are a weakness of mine and my colleague”


2. “Normal people keep documents inside their desks, but I keep a sleeping Pomeranian


3. “Somebody has swallowed a toy …”


4. “The cake our vet has made for us… “


5. “Our first c-section went great !!”


6. “This cat won’t let anyone take off her shirt”


7. “Nothing to see here, just a normal work day”


8. “Today they brought in a puppy that walked strange”


9. “He escaped the guy carrying him and started climbing the wall”


10. “This pretty girl came to us bitten by a snake”


11. “I made some cookies for my colleagues”


12. “Here’s what we did for World Veterinarian Day”


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