Shelter Dog Escapes Kennel To Throw Himself An Overnight Party

Ever since he was a puppy with a pretty rough start to life, Gilligan has lived at the Bedford County Humane Society in Pennsylvania. After tending to his multiple health issues, the shelter employees decided to give him a proper job as the office greater, which he enjoys tremendously. The newfound safety and the amount of positive interaction he receives have transformed the shy pup into a healthy, confident, fun-loving dog with a unique role to fulfill.

According to Joyce Ross, one of the employees at Bedford County Humane Society, Gilligan makes a wonderful office greeter who diligently informs everyone of new visitors as he patiently waits for his treat. Visitors adore him and some even make sure to bring him a new toy on every visit.

A couple of nights ago, the employee who was closing up for the night put Gilligan in his kennel but failed to latch it correctly. After waiting for everyone to go home, Gilligan was able to wiggle the door open and run free. Alone and unsupervised in the big shelter, he was truly free to do whatever he wanted for the first time ever!

And what do you think Gilligan did? Of course, he threw himself a well-deserved party!


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Once he was certain that no one else lurked in the building, Gilligan went straight to the squeaking toys. Well, wouldn’t you? He pulled them one by one out of a huge pile of Christmas donations and brought them in the hallway to play with them (read tear them apart) in peace. But then he really let loose and celebrated his new freedom by making a big splendid mess that spanned several rooms and hallways. It was a wild party for sure.

When employees arrived at the shelter the next morning, they had little doubts about who had caused the mess. Not the one to hide from his deeds, Gilligan was right there feeling so proud of himself that he did a little happy dance, according to Ross.

Luckily for Gilligan, no serious damage was done and no one could really be mad at him. Ross and his co-workers were just glad that the playful dog didn’t destroy anything or played with the food supply. His only interest were the toys with squeakers, and they were now his sole property, which he made very clear to all other dogs at the shelter.

And he even still managed to be a good boy by sparing most of the toys without a squeaker, so they could be cleaned up and played with again.

Mischief has never been so adorable!

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