yorkie saves kitty from rain

Little Yorkie Saves Tiny Abandoned Kitten From the Rain

It is a known fact that everyone on the planet is overjoyed when hearing stories of people rescuing stray animals and giving them a forever home. Who doesn’t like a random heroic act that displays the innate kindness in people? This article’s story is a little different though, this time, instead of a human, the animal is doing all the saving.

Dogs as a species have incredible intuition, especially when it comes to others needing help, and this particular video shows how one especially brave dog rescued a little kitten.

The hero of today’s story is a little yorkie mix, from Abilene, Texas, named Hazel. One day her owner, Monica, let her outside to use the bathroom and noticed that Hazel was taking a while to come back. When she glanced outside, she found Hazel, with an unexpected friend next to her!


The little yorkie had made a kitten friend and they were walking home together. Hazel would stop to let her little friend catch up and make sure she was still there, following. Hazel seemed to be guiding the kitten.

The weather was quite bad as it was raining, Texas rainstorms are no joke, and the cat was clearly a stray. Hazel sensed that the poor thing had no where to go, and decided to take her in and lead her to shelter.

Watching the two unlikely friends trudging through the puddles is quite the sight, really, and it’s a good thing that the owner caught it all on video to share with the world.

Probably the most heartwarming moment of the whole video is when Hazel picked the little kitten up with her teeth so she could make it up the tall step and inside the house.

However, not only did Hazel save the little kitten and gave her shelter from the storm, she also changed her new friend’s life! By bringing her inside she gave the little kitten a new forever home. Hazel’s owner, Monica, named her Sheba.

Unfortunately, Monica couldn’t keep the kitten for herself, but she gave Sheba over to her brother.

Looks like a perfectly happy ending for the two, wouldn’t you agree?

And it’s all thanks to the compassion of a little dog from Texas!

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