Cat steals hundreds of pounds of items from neighbors

A fascinating tale of feline thievery has unfolded in Darley Abbey, Derby, as a woman named Donna Hibbert finds herself increasingly embarrassed by her mischievous cat, Harry.

This cunning feline has developed a penchant for pilfering clothing and food from unsuspecting neighbors, prompting Donna to turn to social media in an attempt to return the stolen goods. Over the course of four years, Harry, known as the neighborhood’s cat burglar, has brought home an array of purloined treasures.

Among his loot are undergarments, a pack of sausages, and even a designer shoe. In fact, Harry’s larcenous activities have intensified recently, with him snatching six items from neighbors in just the past week.

Donna Hibbert believes that Harry sees these items as presents, a way of showing his affection for her. “I think cats like to bring their owners treats, that’s the psychology behind it,” she muses. She expresses gratitude that Harry tends to favor inanimate objects rather than live prey such as birds or mice.

The stolen items, with an estimated value of around £300, span a wide range. From an expensive brand of red shoe to sports bras from M&S, Harry’s taste in loot is diverse. On one occasion, he even absconded with a purse, although it was empty. Some items have been snatched from washing lines, while others have been taken directly from people’s homes.

Harry seizes any opportunity that presents itself, much to the chagrin of his owner. It’s not only Harry who contributes to the household’s collection of ill-gotten gains. His brother, Luna, also partakes in this mischievous behavior, although his spoils consist mainly of discarded items such as crisp packets and cigarette packets.

To rectify the situation and return the pilfered belongings to their rightful owners, Donna Hibbert has taken to posting the stolen items on the Spotted: Darley Abbey Facebook page. She expressed her concern about residents mistakenly believing they had lost or misplaced their possessions.

However, thanks to the power of social media, the scheme has proved successful in reuniting stolen items with their astonished owners. As the stolen goods accumulate, Donna prepares each item in carrier bags, eager to restore them to their proper homes.

The Facebook posts have already yielded heartwarming results, with a neighboring resident recognizing their missing items and exclaiming, “They’re mine, I thought I was going mad.”

With six different items poised for return, Donna’s efforts ensure that the residents of Darley Abbey will be reunited with their pilfered possessions, courtesy of the infamous cat burglar, Harry.

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