Do Parrots Recognize Music ?

There’s never enough fun with these colorful talking toys! Parrots, in addition to being cheerful and beautiful, are known as great pets that can brighten anyone’s day.

These birds are not difficult to raise, and even if you think they are, we’re sure they’ll prove you wrong! In addition to talking, there are indications that parrots can recognize music. Is it true or false? Find out below.

Parrots recognize rhythm

Scientists say that now it’s official that parrots have a great sense of rhythm! After studying a cockatoo that hummed along to famous pop music tracks from over 1,000 YouTube videos, scientists noticed for the first time that the parrot “danced” to the rhythm of the songs.

If you think that this is a coincidence, you should also know that research has shown that other animals do not have such a good sense of rhythm.

For example, with the exception of parrots, it happened that some elephants had a sense of music, while no proof was found that dogs, cats and other domestic animals, even after long exposure to music, did not feel the rhythm.

When it comes to their musical taste, parrots can be very picky – who would have thought! A parrot recognizes music, so it also recognizes what it likes.

What kind of music do parrots like ?

Research has shown that some parrots prefer classical music, while some prefer listening to pop music. However, it has also been established that parrots do not like dance music at all.

Dr. Frank Perron, of Lincoln University, said the birds clearly showed preferences for certain musical genres. Some even liked faster and livelier music, while some enjoyed classical and soft tones more.

Whether you are planning to get a parrot or already have one, we are sure that you did not know about this interesting fact about these birds. We can only conclude one thing: the world of parrots hides many secrets and we can’t wait to discover them all!

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