why does my cat follow me everywhere

Why Does my Cat Follow Me Everywhere I Go

All cat owners have probably, at least once, wondered why their cat is constantly following them. When you go to the kitchen, your cat follows you. Ok, so in this case, the reason may be that the cat knows there is food in the kitchen.

But when you go to the toilet, the cat follows you again. You leave the room for whatever reason, the cat gets up and goes after you. This may be the biggest “cat” mystery, but there are several explanations for this behavior.

Why does my cat follow me everywhere – 3 reasons

1. Congenital behavior

According to animal behavior experts, the habit of cats to follow their owners is a genetic trait, although many believe that cats are individual and not too attached to their owners.

Kittens receive valuable information from their mothers about the environment, behavior and hunting. They learn these things only if they follow their mother.

In addition, they know that besides food, they will receive attention and tenderness from the mother – something they also receive from their owners. Well, your cat follows you and monitors what you are most likely to do for food, tenderness or play.

2. Curiosity

Many cats, whether street or domestic, are really curious and want to know what you are doing. On the other hand, there are many cats that simply enjoy the company of their owners and therefore follow them everywhere they go.

However, sometimes when a cat starts to follow you, it can be a sign of separation anxiety, that is, fear of separation from the owner. If you notice that your cat is having a hard time separating from you, and when you return you notice that it has destroyed something, it is best to seek the advice of a veterinarian to help your cat overcome its anxiety.

3. Sign of attachment

Many owners consider tracking their cats as a sign of affection and love, and experts say this is true. It’s a great compliment to have your cat consider you a favorite. This means that the cat has chosen to be near you and is interested in what you are doing.

In addition, she may have missed you while you were away, so she wants to make up for lost time and follow you.

How should you react?

Because in some way the cat has complimented you, it would be nice to pay attention to her. According to experts, each cat requires different attention.

If your cat wants to play, then the best way to thank it is to play a bit. On the other hand, if you have a cat that likes to be petted, pet it. If you have a cat that just wants to be with you, let the cat be with you. Cat body language is the best way to assess what your pet needs.

Why does a street cat follow you

There were probably situations where a street cat was following you. You probably thought that the cat doesn’t know you and wondered why it asked for your attention.

When a stray cat starts to follow you, it is a sign of friendly behavior, that is, a sign that the cat is not wild and that it likes the presence of people. Maybe it’s a neighbor’s cat that is already used to living among people. It probably asks you to pet it, or maybe feed it.

So, what does it mean when a cat follows you ?

If your cat follows you and meows, but it looks relaxed, it’s just normal cat behavior. Feel free to pet it. Of course, you should not scare it and be gentle. Also, if a stray cat is persistently following you, it may be a domestic cat that has escaped or got lost.

If you notice a strap, it is best to take it to a veterinarian who will check for a chip and find the owner. You can also try to find the owner on social networks.

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