Rescuer Attempts to Free Chained Dog, But the Dog Charges On Him

Sometimes labels are assigned to both humans and animals, a practice that is really not appropriate and can have consequences for the one that has been labeled. This narrative holds true for Alex, the German Shepherd, whose story is about to unfold. Allow us to introduce you to Alex!

Alex, the German Shepherd, spent his entire life confined outdoors, perpetually chained because he was labeled as a “dangerous guard dog“. Because he was chained, he became aggressive.  Even the owner, fearing the risk of bites and harm, refrained from approaching Alex as time passed.

A man that accidentally learned about Alex’s prolonged captivity, has selflessly offered to set the dog free. However, the moment the man entered the yard where Alex was chained, the dog instinctively switched into combat mode. Relentlessly, Alex charged at the man, attempting to sink his teeth into him at every opportunity.


Credit: olympicanimals

In a matter of minutes, the man managed to lure Alex into a cage using a blanket. After securing Alex in his car, the man drove away, granting the dog a newfound sense of freedom. Only 25 minutes later, Alex cautiously emerged from the crate, allowing his valiant rescuer to pet him for the first time.

The next morning, all traces of the dog’s perceived “aggression” had vanished, replaced by a desire for affection and cuddles from his savior.

Dogs, inherently social and affectionate beings, suffer considerable psychological distress when subjected to chaining or cage-training.

Chained dogs not only exhibit a higher likelihood of aggressive behavior but also face increased vulnerability when confronting potential threats.

Prepare to be captivated by the video below, showcasing Alex’s remarkable transformation. This heartwarming tale is truly unprecedented, so make sure to watch it through to the end.

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