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“Captain America” Chris Evans Says He Was Lucky to Rescue His Dog Dodger

Regardless of who you are, getting a dog is always a wise choice. In addition to giving a dog a wonderful new life, when you adopt one from a shelter, you also receive a lot of unwavering love in return.

Many celebrities have nothing but nice things to say on the topic of adopting pets, a lot have said that their rescue dogs have helped them in so many ways. One such example is Henry Cavil who says that his dog helped him get through mental struggles.

The most recent example is of a famous celebrity opening up about adopting a dog and having nothing but praise stating that it was their best decision ever.

Chris Evans the mega star behind one of Marvel’s most recognizable characters Capitan America has revealed to the masses that he just like his character in the Marvel cinematic universe did the right thing and saved a dog’s life.

The story starts with Evans filming for the movie Gifted, when he realized that that kennel that they were shooting the movie in was in fact the real deal not just a movie set. While on the set Evans had thought all kinds of things like where these dogs up for adoption or were they just payed actors.

So the filming continued and with having that previous thought in mind in 2017 he found a boxer mix that did not “belong there” as said by Evans and since that day Chris Evans and his dog named Dodger became the best of pals.

He told BuzzFeed that Dodger was a fully grown dog and that it was around 2 years old at the time. Although it wasn’t the scenario he had hoped, it turned out to be the best choices he had ever made.

The actor now urges more people to think about adopting elderly dogs, who are in need of homes but are sometimes disregarded. It’s unfortunate, he continued, that so many mature and elderly dogs are missed. Let’s show them some affection as well.

If it wasn’t clear that Evans loves dogs, he also got to play with puppies throughout the whole interview and couldn’t contain his excitement: Evans didn’t plan to adopt a dog that day on set, but it clearly changed his life. Dodger is beloved by the actor’s fans, and frequently appears on his social media. Also Dodger has become such a big part of Evans’ life, in fact, that he got the dog’s name tattooed on his chest.

In 2020 Evans went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! As a guest where he described that his relationship with his beloved Dodger is one of the purest he’s got and also that the tattoo of his dogs name on his chest will never be a tattoo he’ll live to regret. That’s how much he loves Dodger.

Although Dodger is older than Evans had anticipated, he was still quite the handful and quite lively. In an interview Evans has said that “He acts like a puppy, he’s got the enthusiasm of a puppy, he’s just such a darling, he’s such a wonderful guy.” He is full of love and loves kids and other dogs too.

Dogs are very precious beings that we don’t deserve, they are valuable even for the richest of people. And we can’t be more than happy to see Chris Evans around such a great companion like Dodger is.

We cannot thank him enough for taking and older dog with him (those often times get overlooked) as he sets a great example that older dogs can be just as fun as the little guys.

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