The Largest Domestic Cat In The World, Kefir, Weights 13kg

Kefir is the largest domestic cat in the world: It weighs almost 13 kilograms and many people think that it is a dog when they see him first time.

This year the 9 month old cat weighs almost 13 kilograms(28.6 lbs). Kefir lives in Stari Oskol, Russia with his owner Yulia, who took the cat in during the quarantine.

She decided with her husband and children to adopt a kitten that would make their everyday life more fun.

“We’ve never had a cat before.” We were looking through the ads from the shelters nearby and happened to come across a little white kitten. I immediately fell in love,” Yulia told the Russian media.


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She says that Kefir, named for his white fur, was very thin at first, but within 5 months he started eating “everything in front of him”. In a year, his weight doubled, and now he is 12.5 kilograms.

“His character is like that of a human person. He is very smart. He even sits at the table with us when we have dinner, he has his own chair and keeps us company”, says Julia and added that she thinks that Kefir will still grow.

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“It is normal for Maine Coon cats to grow until they are 3 years old. It’s funny how others react when they see it because it’s huge. “Many people first think that it is a dog,” said its owner.


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Julia also says that most people don’t believe Kefir is really that big and often comment that the pictures are fake.

“Also many people want to buy him, but that would be terrible for us.” He is a member of our family,” she concluded.

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