Family finds abandoned kitten on the street and it turns out it’s a special kitten

A tiny kitten was seen wandering the streets alone in Thailand. A nearby family, enjoying their evening, spotted the little feline on the street.

When they examined it closely, the family discerned that this kitten was extraordinary, markedly different from any other kittens they had encountered. In fact this was probably not a cat at all. Intrigued, they reached out to The Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT), an animal organization dedicated to wildlife welfare.

The WFFT promptly responded, conducting a thorough assessment of the unique kitten. After careful examination, the organization identified the feline as a “Fishing Cat”, a rare species teetering on the edge of extinction, highlighting the importance of conservation efforts for such unique wildlife.

This species of wild cats has the potential to grow twice the size of the average house cat and harbors a strong affinity for water (believe it or not), particularly displaying a keen interest in hunting and consuming fish. This is how the species got its name.

As per Wikipedia, the fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus) is a medium-sized wild cat native to South and Southeast Asia. Since 2016, it has been classified as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List.

The fishing cat faces threats from wetland destruction, experiencing a significant decline of their population over the past ten to 15 years. These cats predominantly inhabit wetland areas, residing near rivers, streams, oxbow lakes, swamps, and mangroves.

The experts concluded that the kitten was born just a few hours before the family’s discovery. Specialists at the organization were perplexed by the uncommon occurrence of a mother abandoning her newborn, especially considering the atypical behavior for the breed.

The family developed an affection for the wild kitten and were given permission to keep it for a trial period. They named the kitten Simba, and it became evident that the cat formed a strong bond with the family.

They also watched carefully if the kitten’s mother will return, but unfortunately, she never appeared. Consequently, Simba was bottle fed, blossoming into a stunning fishing cat.

Scientists say that in Thailand, poaching and killing contribute significantly to an alarming mortality rate of 84% among Fishing Cats. That’s why Simba’s rescue and survival are nothing short of miraculous, underscoring the crucial role he plays in ensuring the continuity of his species.

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