22 Million Views : He Didn’t Get Bacon – His Reaction Is Dramatic :)

Walter Geoffrey is a French bulldog known for his rather dramatic reactions, and his owner posted one such moment that made TikTok users laugh.

Like we mentioned Walter is very dramatic and regularly throws temper tantrums and “meltdowns” for his owner. This time the crying happened when he didn’t get bacon when he wanted.

Loud “crying” can be heard in the footage, which has garnered nearly 22 million views, and the camera then pans to Walter protesting in the kitchen.

“No More Bacon”

“There is no more bacon. No no. Now it’s my turn to speak,” the owner tells him, and the dog starts to “howl” loudly.

“We argue at least once a day,” the owner wrote alongside the video, which has garnered more than two million likes.

“I thought it was a baby crying,” wrote one TikToker, while another asked: “So where’s the bacon,” while another added: “I feel the same when I run out of bacon.”

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